Soothing Sunday ~ All Day Music ~ War

Written by Jerry Goldstein & War
Released off the album songs title in 1971.

Howard Scott – guitar, percussion, vocals
B.B. Dickerson – bass, percussion, vocals
Lonnie Jordan – organ, piano, percussion, vocals
Harold Brown – drums, percussion, vocals
Papa Dee Allen – conga, bongos, percussion, vocals
Charles Miller – flute, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, percussion, vocals
Lee Oskar – harmonica, percussion, vocals

I will never forget when I bought this 45 and played it on my parents stereo for the first time my Dad ( God rest his soul ) saying well now that’s finally music. LMAO

I mean come on, Finally? You mean the Humble Pie, Grand Funk, Jethro Tull, Hendrix, Janis, Iron Butterfly, Woodstock and ever other band I constantly blasted wasn’t MUSIC?

I guess All Day Music was just more his style.

I thought my mother would tear down my door one day when I had Deep Purple’s Child In Time blasting when Ian Gillian got going with the screaming part.

Hell I envisioned broken stereo speakers, turn table and the record itself in ruins.

So I guess my Dad was paying ” War ” a compliment. Music even a parent of a wild hippie approved of.

All Day Music was my ultimate favorite from this group but they had a lot of other nice jams. City Country City, Slippin into Darkness, The World Is a Ghetto, etc….

All Day Music just reminds me of a warm summer day of easy going relaxation. When the world we live in at present is anything but.

So let your mind flow and enjoy!

And believe it or not I love the scratches in the record. That defined our generation. It didn’t have to be flawless to be good.

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