Pinnacle Race Course does not owe Huron Twp. as much as previously thought.

HURON TWP.: Township Treasurer says Pinnacle owes less than what was originally thought

Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By Richard Jenkins

HURON TWP. — Pinnacle Race Course does not owe the township $1 million.

Township Treasurer Linda Spangler used a Board of Trustees meeting May 11 to set the record straight about what is due from the now-closed racetrack, which had been Michigan’s only Thoroughbred course.

“The current and only amount of taxes owed to Huron Charter Township is for the personal property tax in the current amount of $85,941.69 as of May 1, 2011,” she said.

According to an email Spangler sent, Pinnacle also owes almost $29,000 in water bills and about $150,000 in “breakage fees” mandated by the state.

Spangler estimated that the total amount owed to the township is just under $265,000.

According to the email, Pinnacle owes the county just over $1.5 million in real property taxes.

Spangler said Pinnacle is disputing its personal and real property taxes with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

However, legally the assessed value of a property can’t be changed unless the property is up to date on its tax payments, she said.

Spangler said the next step for the township is to work with the companies that have leased equipment at the racetrack so that either the taxes can be paid on the specific property or an auction will be held to cover the delinquent amount of the personal property taxes.

Pinnacle’s owner, Post-It Stables, recently voluntarily surrendered the track’s 2011 Thoroughbred racing license and 2011 simulcast permit to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Post-It can apply again in 2012 for a license and permit.


All I know is that Jerry Campbell should have contacted the MIHBPA like a man and discussed everything in detail. The waiting game ended badly with the horsemen getting kicked in the head.

I don’t believe the HBPA should have sent a letter of non-support of PRC to the MGCB, but maybe this is what Campbell wanted. To blame them by having an excuse to throw in the towel for 2011.

Lisa Campbell stated in many articles:

“Why am I going to keep going in debt if the horseman’s association isn’t going to support it,” she said.

Did you ever bother to contact the HBPA Lisa? I mean it was already MAY, how long do you expect them to wait? So stuff a rag in it as far as the media.

James Jackson should have let my question to you be answered at the General Membership meeting last July instead of letting you off the hook.

I now find it amusing that the man who made the motion to send that letter to the MGCB no longer supporting PRC anymore was in fact the very same James Jackson that started hollering at my questioning of why no promotion by PRC.

Funny how the tides turn. Like a never-ending soap opera.

Me, my philosophy never changes . It’s based on simple plain common sense.

If Jerry & Lisa Campbell want to keep playing the silence game with the HBPA, then my opinion is the Horsemen & Women should shoot for the Detroit Fairgrounds. That’s my reinvention for Michigan Thoroughbred Horse Racing, additional revenue to my home town of Detroit, using the extra revenue that the Race Track will provide to bringing the State Fair back and to end the game playing by all.

The Illinois Senate just passed a bill to bring in the slots to their race tracks. It’s about time Michigan gets its head out of their asses and puts Horse Racing in this State on an even playing field with its 28 Casinos and multi lottery games.

The hell with all the useless games by Track Owners and Politicians. And as far as that goes, stupid HBPA board members who give no thought of the ramifications of their motions.

New Racino at 8 Mile & Woodward where you can choose a game that brings in something good. Much need revenue to all three, State, City while preserving 12,000 + jobs through Agriculture that Horse Racing provides.

Reinstate the Office of Racing Commissioner and put us back where horse racing belongs and where it is in every State that has horse racing. Under AG.

After all this new Governor did say in his inauguration speech: AND LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.

A lot of people need to MAN UP here.

Everybody get their shit together because all of this bull has put the Thoroughbred Horsemen & Women in total chaos. The State of Michigan is destroying a 78 year tradition here, while other States that surround us have already moved and more are coming into the 21st century.



On on another note: The MGCB has given Mount Pleasant Meadows owner Walter Bay until June 15 to meet the conditions of his mixed breed license for 2011. Otherwise that track will probably be met with the same fate as Pinnacle. Leaving the Quarter Horse Horsemen in the same predicament as the Thoroughbreds.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…. Yeah tell us about it Governor Snyder.


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2 responses to “Pinnacle Race Course does not owe Huron Twp. as much as previously thought.

  1. I have read a number of your blogs about Jerry Campbell and the Pinnacle Race Course. I was just wondering if you have any opinions about the current project of his..Entering the agreement with the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians and building a $245million casino in Lansing? I get from your blogs that your not a fan of Mr.Campbell, and would just like to get your general opinion on the matter. Thank you.

  2. Project of his and WHO? This same Soo tribe that had their heads up their ass and let their chairman and the same law firm that’s involved with this new deal screw them out of Greektown?

    What do YOU think about it?

    By time they get through investigating all this new mess it will never fly.

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