Friday “Fallout!” ~ Henry Mancini

Just some of the Musicians in the Orchestra on this 1987 TV Special.

Pete Candoli, Bill Watrous, Vincent De Rosa, Ronny Lang, Ray Pizzi, Abe Most…….

How in the world can you pick out just one favorite from this Genius. How? It’s impossible.

The endless TV & Movie Scores. The Composing, Arrangements & Conducting. When this world lost this man it lost one of the most outstanding directors of MUSIC.

Everything Mancini touched, he created a Masterpiece every single time. Hit after hit after hit. Timeless, Magical and remains with us forever.

I don’t know one single Composer that has ever came close to Henry Mancini’s Musical Talent.

He started out as a Pianist arranging for the newly re-formed Glenn Miller Orchestra, led by Tex Beneke in 1946. He also played the Flute.

Born Enrico Nicola Mancini in 1924 and raised in the Little Italy neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the steel town of West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Mancini was nominated for an unprecedented 72 Grammys, winning 20. Additionally he was nominated for 18 Academy Awards, winning four. He also won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for two Emmys.

Including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in 1995.

Mancini died on June 14, 1994.

And since no one has ever composed a score for anything that came close to this mans performances.

So “Fallout” from the TV Series ” Peter Gun ” was among my top favorites.

He recorded over 90 Albums in his lifetime and his relationship with Blake Edwards Started with ” Peter Gunn ” and lasted for the next 35 years with 27 movie scores alone being created.

Henry Mancini was truly one of a kind that you will never see the likes of again. Thank God what he left us with we will always be able to indulge in.

This is pure Musical Ecstasy.

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