Governor Snyder Re-Instate The Office Of Racing Commisioner

In 2009 Michigan Governor Granholm after 75 years threw Horse Racing here to the wolves. Citing this reason the ORC was being dissolved: NO MORE FUNDING available.

Well it would seem now Michigan has a surplus of $429,000,000.00 and doesn’t know what to do with it. And everybody and their cousin is after it. Wasn’t the Lottery designed to fund the schools? Then why aren’t they?

Since 1933 there was an Industry that at one time generated over $400 Million per year to this State and it was HORSE RACING.

Before the Lottery in 1972, Before the Tribunal Casinos in the later 1980s & Before the 3 Detroit Casinos in 1996.

Horse Racing before all this stood alone and solely generated that revenue for Michigan. Yet what got slashed in 2009, The Office Of Racing Commisioner. And to further the slaughter Horse Racing was taking from where it had always been under Agriculture and now placed under the Gaming Division. The Michigan Gaming Control Board whose only worries and jobs were oversee CASINOS. And they have proven that they don’t care if horse racing dies in this State.

The Thoroughbreds were allotted 84 days of racing in 2010. Then the MGCB cut us to 39 days, to 8 days then to just 3 days.

And they did it without batting an eyelash. Granholm even had a spokes women who lied through her teeth, Liz Boyd stating the State Subsidizes Horse Racing which could have fooled all of us in the Horse Racing Industry. The 3.5% simulcasting tax generated almost $7,000,000 to Mi. in 2010 and I don’t know that we were able to touch one dime of that 7 Million. Seems to me the MIHBPA funded the 34 day ( buying back 31 days ) Racing Meet at Pinnacle Race Course out of their own purse money. About a Million Dollars, plus on top of it paying the tracks water bill. In Sept. the MGCB came at the Thoroughbred Horsemen & Women again and said if they didn’t come up with an additional $57,000 for the States Officials that the 34 day meet they had already paid for was going to end immediately. Basically the State held the Horsemen up for ransom, and the HBPA forked it over to complete the 2010 racing meet.

There were two reports given to the Michigan House, one in 1999 that went completely ignored and told what the contributions that Horse Racing generated to Michigan.

And another one in 2002 called the Economic Impact Study again completely ignored.

Both told what in-fact needed to be done to help Horse Racing continue to survive so they could keep generating money to Michigan. Nobody listened, paid attention or cared. Many other States have Horse Racing issues and troubles, but with all the States that do have Horse Racing only one literally dissolved their ORC, Michigan. And I find that appalling.

13 States have come out of the dark ages and implemented further gaming to its Race Tracks.

In Michigan they want studies and suggestions then when they get them, I guess they put them into shredders. Maybe they are awaiting a Parade. I mean if you have a cross cutting one you can make confetti.

Well I don’t know exactly what celebration Michigan is awaiting, I only know that Thoroughbred Horse Racing is dead. The owner of Pinnacle Race Course said screw it. The hell with the bills, they hell with the State, but the most disheartening they said to their fellow T.B. Horsemen the hell with you. Richard Kalm Director of the MGCB sat through a telephone interview expressing his sadness and disappointment when in reality he couldn’t have been more elated.

So schools and other groups are coming out of the woodwork over this $429 Million. And I say why not take some of this money to reinvent multiple history institutions here in Michigan. Snyder’s Speech.

Re-instate The Office of Racing Commissioner and place Horse Racing back where it was meant to be from 1933, under Agriculture. This way you are taking money and giving aid to an Industry that aided this State a long time ago before the word Lottery or Casino came into play. Then come out of the dark ages and be the 14th State that will have implemented further gaming to these tracks helping to generate even more money for the State of Michigan.

In fact let’s reinvent the Detroit Fairgrounds.

Thoroughbred Racing saved and thriving, Detroit gaining much-needed revenue and Happy and the Mi. State Fair back up and running like it had been for over a 100 years and once again Happy.

Horse Racing once was Michigan’s Bread & Butter, but in the last 15 years have let it decline with the refusal of the legislation needed to allow it to fairly compete with Multi-State Lottery, Tribunal Casinos, Detroit’s 3 Commercial Casinos and Charity Gaming. Pari-Mutual law was passed in 1933 to the Horse Racing Track, yet everybody is gambling every place but the Tracks because of the completely unfair treatment of this once $400 Million dollar Industry. And Horse Racing through Agriculture still employs 12,000+ people. Well Governor Snyder these 12,000 jobs and individuals don’t matter?

Could you please explain WHY THEY DON’T?

Let the Lottery take care of the schools like they were touted to do, and let Michigan finally give something back to the Industry that helped Michigan for so long. HORSE RACING

We Generate Money For Michigan. The rest have their hands out. We were they ones putting it into yours for 77 years.

Now the Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women sit idle. You call that FAIR?

You cut our ORC and all our Racing days stating no funding. Well it would seem that you now will have a surplus of $429 Million. Does Horse Racing not deserve to be given back what you took from us?

Reinstate the ORC, leave the MGCB for the CASINOS and allow this Horse Racing Industry the dignity they deserve to continue their livelihoods. 12,000+ willing to continue working 7 days a week for their lives and yours.

Horse Racing always generated money for the State and can continue to if only allowed to. And I call that a pretty good deal MICHIGAN.

Michigan Needs Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Let The Tradition Continue.

And let the Detroit Fairgrounds get reinvented.




July 13, 1948 Detroit Fairgrounds

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