Tuesday’s “Taste” ~ It’s happened before, it’ll happen again

Written and Composed by Rory Gallagher.

This song was off the “On The Boards” album released in Jan. 1970

Rory Gallagher – guitars, vocals, saxophone, harmonica
Richard “Charlie” McCracken – bass guitar
John Wilson – drums

I could have picked hundreds of jams to post on Rory Gallagher. “I’ll Remember ” off the same album was a powerhouse Blues number. And from the debut self entitled “Taste” album released in 1969 featured a Chester Burnett – number called ” Sugar Momma ” and another Gallagher composition classic ” Catfish “.

But all the audio on different versions of them from You Tube were horrendous. And this man deserves the best I can offer you. Yes there was ” Bull Frog Blues ” and an endless list with the finest of quality sound. But I also wanted to feature the talents of this trio.

Taste formed in Ireland in 1966 with a different bassist and drummer. In 1968 Richard “Charlie” McCracken & John Wilson joined Rory, and “It’s happened before, it’ll happen” again showed what Rock-n-Rollers could in-fact compose and play. Something Jimi Hendrix had always wanted to get into but was held back by his label.

In fact after Woodstock, Hendrix was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine and asked: “How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world? His response: I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher.” That was one hell of a compliment but then Rory was a hell of a guitar player.

Beyond the Rock and the Blues, a Jazzed up ” Taste ” proved that Gallagher’s compositions gave a true taste of what they were all about as musicians.

Rory Gallagher sadly died on June 14, 1995.


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