After tying up the series, Detroit Red Wings lose a Heartbreaking 7th Game

Final score 3-2

It was another nerve-racking game with the Red Wings not coming to life until half into the game. That seems to have been the way of the last four.

Nobody to blame. In my opinion the only reason we lasted this long was the brilliant goal tending of Jimmy Howard. From the beginning of this San Jose series the Red Wings never looked in control until late in the games. And tonight we just couldn’t complete the miracle.

Coming from being down 3 games, it was pure excitement to the utmost to have watched us win the next 3. But a lot of skill with much needed luck and time just ran out tonight.

Face it Detroit we have had it so good here, we just expect it. Then when we do lose we sit stunned like how could we have lost. But as everybody understands that’s what the rest of the fans in every teams city root for as well.

Well tonight the Red Wings season has now been concluded.

Everybody felt after the feat of coming from behind to even things up, if we lost this last game it would indeed be an even more heartbreaking lost. And it was.

Yet as the best hockey fans anywhere in the league, we also know we will again have that biggest trophy that any sport has to offer in our hands again. Just not now.

Well here’s to next the 2011-2012 season. Hockeytown wanted it as much as the team they roar for all year long. And for whatever reason this just wouldn’t be the year.

Nevertheless a big Thank You to the Detroit Red Wings for this last ride. We hoped and prayed it would go longer until we had Stanley back where it belonged. But we’ll just have to settle to watch somebody else hoist it.

And as much as these San Jose Sharks get under our skin, they deserve the congratulations. You beat one hell of a team.

And they will always be our Champs win or lose.


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