Tuesday “Truckin’ Off Across The Sky” ~ The Guess Who

Recorded on May 22, 1972
Released in Aug. 1972

Live at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington

The endless hits this band had starting with Chad Allen ( Shaking All Over Days ) and other Artists in 1965 were phenomenal. But in 1972 from this album, this song along with ” Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon ” were favorites among our Wild Hippie Group.

Burton Cummings – Flute, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Kale – Bass, Vocals
Don McDougal – Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Winter – Guitar, Vocals
Garry Peterson – Drums, Vocals

And the song didn’t advocate drugs, on the contrary it was an anti-drug song thus the opening lyric: Get on board, The Reaper wants to take you all for a ride.

Nevertheless we were too busy getting high back then to notice. LOL

Note: I only smoked weed 1971-73. Then I grew up.

But this Guess Who jam again showed a fusion of a Jazzier side before the pure explosion of the Rock-n-Roll.

So enjoy the Flashback.

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