Detroit Red Wings…….GO..GO..GO..GO..GO

Man Oh Man talk about watching a game in complete STRESS!

For a team that has come from 3 games down 3-0, to now winning the last two making the series 3-2 and after sweeping Phoenix with so much ease, these San Jose sharks have proved a little more than just agitating.

But being down two goals 2-0, then one 2-1, then back to two 3-1. To tied up at 3-3. You could feel it and the Red Wings could taste it.

I thought it was Sharks that could sight and taste blood. Not tonight.

All I can say is JIMMY HOWARD.

If not for this mans brilliant goal tending we would have been blown out of there by a dozen goals. Howard was phenomenal.

And I’ve said this for all the years we’ve had Tomas Holstrom, he will never be paid enough. How many goals this man has gotten for us minding the opposition’s goal tender and their net.

Tonight was sweet, but it ain’t over yet. Back in Detroit on Tuesday. But they now seem to be playing with this third period tonight like fire we know they have. So keep it burning Red Wings.

We still will have to go back to their house if we win the next, but another frenzied night like tonight, hey PIECE OF CAKE.

Go Red Wings!

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