One Good Thing About Revenge… It Never Has An Expiration Date.

The reasons why some people on this earth do things to hurt others do so because it is in their totally demented minds that somehow they will get away with it.  They never see the ramifications of their actions. When they realize it, they flee and hide like the cowards they are.

Hide like children while some get support in doing so for even their exile also knows their failures.

Until the day comes………….

Osama bin Laden was only successful hiding because Pakistan aided him. Yes it took 9 years and 8 months but in the end he bought one in the head without warning. There are many in life throughout the world that act exactly like this now Dead Man. You come across them everyday in many different forms & paths across your lives whoever they may be. Some will admittedly proclaim they have no lives, yet why the announcement? Believe me those around you know you have no life, here or thousands of miles away. So the sad miserable no self esteemed empty souls plot and plot and plot, until someone one day comes along and really puts them into a plot. Or in this case a Sea.

Bin Laden like all good lunatics has followers for they too live inside a cloud that they are untouchable.

How can anyone on this earth be happy when they spend every waking moment plotting, strategizing and trying to design their next move to the exact month, day, second to in their minds the damage they think they can cause? And who but them really cares? For it is only within their own sick, childish and unhappy minds that it even matters. They are even so sick they’ll use the people closest to them even if it kills them instead of their intended target, You.

Well you cannot be terrorized by lunacy because after all it is only in the lunatics mind that is plotting against you who only knows, while you on the other hand go on living as usual. Their obsession in the end will be the death to them. If not killed by others it will be their own constant misery that kills themselves from knowing the people they plot against don’t really care at all. Because they do have lives and are living them while the lunatics minds grows even sicker because they can’t stand knowing it and feel they must find ways to interrupt it. But in all honesty do they?

Life goes on for we were always free, it is only the lunatic that remains locked up within themselves. They come and go sparingly in shadows behind walls not to be seen. We come and go when and where we please and never care who takes notice.

For those that have no lives believe me it’s just a matter of time before you actually don’t.

You can only live on for so long thinking you can really design someone else’s hurt, because in the end it will be your madness will have only gotten the best of you and no one else. With your own family members that you have managed to kill, the only people truly now being terrorized are the ones that can’t walk free with minds that can’t rest, for knowing the damage they have caused. Yet a twisted mind will continue only what it knows until they think they have found another way to cause hurt when they actually haven’t. Their insanity still reigns, but only within them.

Bin Laden was his own prisoner locked up in his own twisted demented thoughts. That’s how lunatics are. He thought he was indispensable yet in the end the unexpired date of revenge found him.

It will find all those like him as well. They just don’t know it as of yet. And that is what is so good about Revenge.

The never knowing of  how or when. But where ever you move around to, be assured you can and will be found and given your due by you for having thought you were untouchable in the first place.

Just ask the Sea.


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