Motown Monday ~ The Satintones ‘Motor City’ and the Label of Correc-Tone.

Released in 1959 on the Tamla Label.

James Ellis
Chico Leverette
Robert Bateman
Sonny Sanders
Vernon Williams- added later

You are listening to the very first group ever signed to the ” MOTOWN ” Label in 1959. Yet Berry Gordy never ever gave this group any recognition what so ever. But that doesn’t surprise me.

Not one of their recordings have ever been put onto a single Motown compilation album and I say it’s a damn shame. This group made over 30 songs. 11 previously unreleased.

” Motor City ” was their first record on Tamla and ‘ My Beloved ’ was the very first release on the Motown label.

ACE RECORDS put out a CD of this Groups works from the vault of Motown.

It can be purchased on Amazon-UK.

The Music behind the group was of course ” The Funk Brothers ” under Joe Hunter.

When your done with listening to the songs posted here. Go onto another dynamic Blast from the Motor City’s Musical Past. The picture of 12th street alone will worth the wandering.

12th Street

I personally don’t need the rap idiot enema (who wouldn’t know music if it ran him down a million a miles an hour) to make any commercials uttering, ” This is the Motor City and this is what we do “. Because he hasn’t a clue. This little punk generation raps because they can’t sing.

Now as far as Berry Gordy goes. James Jamerson was one of the best Bassists this world had ever heard. Not just in Detroit’s neck of the woods, but the world period!

But when Gordy decided to do the 25th anniversary of ” Motown ” in Los Angeles instead of Detroit which was appalling and sickening in itself since ” Motown was Detroit “. The Funk Brothers weren’t even invited onto that show and to me it was a sin. Jamerson literally had to buy a scalped ticket and sit up in the balcony of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium like he was nothing.

To me Gordy’s  “Yesterday, Today, Forever” anniversary was pure garbage. With most of the earliest groups and artists not even being invited or only being given 30 second spots. Instead, focusing on Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, Lionel Ritchie and more of as in Today for 1983. So it’s no surprise to me that the very first male group he signed he threw to the side like they were also nothing.

The Satintones as you will hear were a very worthy group with more than worthy talents. So go onto You Tube and listen to all you can find. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

(Motor City sadly removed by YT)

With Strings

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