Japan Government Way Too Slow on Fukushima Nuclear Emergency.

The United States among many other countries offered their immediate help concerning all three entities. Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Power Plant. Especially the latter. Japan’s response was they didn’t need any help. In my view that was pompous egos. Accepting help wouldn’t have meant that Japan was completely unknowledgeable of what they were doing. On the contrary Japan has had the most intelligence in this area, but have definitely made some mistakes of how they built these reactors so close together. But considering the country just got hit with the fourth biggest quake in history and a disastrous tsunami on top of that, protecting their countries citizens not their egos should have been their first priority.

Sadly this government chose their egos instead and that is beyond unfortunate. It’s total irresponsibility and incomprehensible considering it is not only their country that will suffer the effects they are now experiencing but also the ramifications on the rest of world. If they sit there and let the whole damn thing blow it is not only Japan that suffers. That combustible cloud travels and Russia is already detecting the levels of radiation.

Watching the news Monday on all the news networks had many experts on the subject matter of this Nuclear Disaster.

On ABC Dr. Michiko Kaku & Joe Cirincione both concurred that reactors need to be immediately as in Chernobyl, sand bagged and sealed with concrete to contain any further leakage of radioactive materials. But Japan’s government seems to just be waiting while they pour sea water on this gigantic mess. They don’t seem to be sensing enough urgency here.

It makes you wonder what the hell they are thinking. If they had accepted help for this problem to begin with maybe this scenario might have been avoided altogether. Hindsight now. What’s important is that Japan’s government does all it can to take this advice and the help they are now asking the United States for. Considering what seems to be the consensus about the sand bagging and concreting. Why they are still refusing to act with speed is beyond puzzling, and it’s total stupidity.

Something they were trying to avoid looking like by stating they needed no help from the start. Pride is one thing, contaminating and killing your citizens is another. And one does not jeopardize the health and lives of its people by continuing the refusal of help and advise that can help you either avoid a situation that has now gotten to the point of no return as the experts have stated in their opinions has indeed happened, or can help you solve it.

But you don’t further the mistake by continuing to think you can magically stop this dire happening. You act as fast as possible to conclude the disaster. And if sealing these reactors in sand and concrete is the sure way to stop this, than start doing it immediately.

To just sit there and wait for levels of radiation to go up & down is insane. Send people in take people out. The risking of lives of this nuclear plants workers and the country of Japan is just plain idiotic. It’s no crime to ask for help, it’s not defining ignorance or inadequacy if you accept the help. But it is total deception and criminal when you let the whole thing blow when it could be avoided upon letting many help you. You owe that help in any form if it keeps your country and citizens safe and you owe it to the environment that will reach far beyond your own control. The atmosphere belongs to everyone on this planet. To let any part of that explode willingly in a deadly toxic plume trying to save face when in fact you should be worrying about saving lives is voluntarily carrying out an experiment that has already gone bad. Lives are already now in danger, cap the damn reactors already. And accept all that can help you achieve this in the most timely and effective manner.

This is now beyond admitting a mistake of judgment, it is an emergency of enormous proportions. You now act as fast as you can if not sooner. The explanations what ever they are can come later.

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