Sunday Smooth ~ Oliver Nelson ~ Stolen Moments

This is my all time favorite Jazz Composition by Oliver Nelson.

Released in 1961 off the album, The Blues and the Abstract Truth

Label Impulse! Records

Oliver Nelson — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Eric Dolphy — flute, alto saxophone
George Barrow — baritone saxophone
Freddie Hubbard — trumpet
Bill Evans — piano
Paul Chambers — bass
Roy Haynes — drums

And what a line up this was of Talented Musicians.

In the late 70s I got very heavy into this kind of Jazz and got turned onto this song. And Detroit’s WJZZ was the station. Strangely it seems almost every night when I left DRC during the Harness meet I turned on the radio and Stolen Moments was playing. At that time the Dream Deferred Live version was being played.

That album was a compilations of Nelson’s work from 1969-75. The Live Stolen Moments was from the SKULL SESSION / SWISS SUITE.

Ironically it was Released in 1976 a year after Nelson had died. But it forever engraved itself into my brain.

It was smooth and mellow at it’s finest. I remember if it was playing when I got into my car I wouldn’t start it up and drive. This was one of those songs you had to just close your eyes and escape into another realm. Thus the Title ” Stolen Moments ” made very much sense.

And this song brings me into a time of hot summer nights and friends from DRC. Also cruising around in my first car I bought in 75. A 1971 Dodge Challenger.

So sit back and enjoy it while it lasts. I have been waiting for somebody to post this one again. You Tube removes this number about as fast as somebody posts it. And nothing or no other band can perform it like its original. This defined Oliver Nelson.

~ JAZZ ~


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