The Media’s Love for Self Destruction. And why in Charlie Sheen’s Case they won’t be happy until his Death.

In 1998 Martin Sheen turned in his son for violating his probation after OD-ing.

He thought this was the only thing left he could do to save his life, figuring if he was threatened with jail time it may scare him straight. The judge gave him 30 days in rehab instead. And what is 30 days for any addiction whether alcohol or drugs? Absolutely nothing.

Another Charlie,

In 2003 I begged a friend who had been drinking all his life then in his 60s, to go into a program ran by The Salvation Army. It was a 6 month program. They realize people who have been drinking or doping for decades that if they could stay sober for 6 months, they had a better chance to stay that way. It wouldn’t have cost him a dime. There was no smoking there as well and considering they had found a spot on his lungs a year before that he wouldn’t address, they would have thoroughly checked him out medically. Now this was a man who went from living at a troubled son’s apartment to his sister’s who also had an alcoholic son and others who were living at her home with similar problems. It was Oct. he would have been out in May and they probably would have gotten him into a Senior citizens apartment of his own and out of the environment of  other drinking people.

His answer to me was OH I can’t go o some place for 6 months. I said you have something better else to do? He was retired from work so he had nothing else to do.

You see people this is the problem with Martin Sheen and the rest of his family and what was mine. We wanted them to get help for we knew how it would all end up. Problem is you cannot help people who do not want any help. The man I called at the Salvation Army even got irritated with me saying why isn’t your friend calling me instead of you? I made an excuse but he knew the answer all to well as I. If somebody really wants help they will make the calls. Because your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Niece, Friends or Pastors can make all the calls they want but if the person you’re trying to help doesn’t want it. Nothing or No One can make them stop drinking, doping, robbing, killing or whatever.

This friend had a brother who had died in 1999 from liver cancer do to alcoholism. He was told stop drinking or die. He chose death. And I told the one who I was trying to help then take a good look at your brother in that casket because if you don’t stop you’re going to be laying in that same spot soon. He said oh don’t say that as if frightened, I explained you know I’m stating truth.

Well he didn’t go into any program, what he did do is continue drinking. The last time I saw and spoke to him was 2005 and he did finally did get his own apartment in a senior complex. And he already had been in trouble there for being staggering drunk and people reporting his behavior. You see normal people aren’t use to watching folks crawling along the woodwork like cockroaches, they’re use to seeing them in an upright position. And normal people don’t want to live in an environment with those that can’t do this. Anyway the evening I went to see him he was sober, we talked for about three hours. He had gotten so skinny I told him man you better eat, something I knew he didn’t bother doing when drinking. I told him stay sober and don’t get into anymore trouble at the complex keep it together. He said oh I will.

A couple of weeks later I called him, you could tell he had people in the background and he was so drunk I couldn’t understand a word he said, and I told him that. The phone called ended with him hanging up. I gave it a couple of days and called again but the same, so drunk intangible. I waited three weeks and tried one last time and that would indeed be the very last time I’d hear his voice. Nothing had changed and I said loudly what is the matter with you, you’re going to die if you continue drinking. But who was I talking to? A man so drunk he had no grasp of any reality at all. I wouldn’t call again.

In Aug. of 2006 I was at the Rib Fest Downtown, actually standing in line to get some food when his buddy who had lived at the sister’s house spotted me. Walked up gave me a hug ( in reality wanted to beat him blind in 2002 telling this man keep on drinking, just keep on drinking ) and I asked well hows our friend? As cold and unfeeling as he could he said Dead. I said when did he die, he answered a couple of months ago which would have been June. I said I guess I don’t have to ask what killed him, he angrily said he died of pancreatic cancer. I said no what he died from was drinking, I mean how did he think he got the pancreatic cancer? Still angry he said it don’t matter why he died, he’s dead. The conversation ended and he walked away and that night was shot from that point on. And all I kept saying to myself is I wished he would have gone for that 6 month program in 2003, but in reality he could have went there but I also knew he would have walked out. That’s why he never went to begin with. Didn’t matter if I or anybody else wanted him to stop drinking and live. A person has got to want to live.

They not You must want it more. For all I know that spot on his lung was cancer and it just spread. He wouldn’t slow down smoking even though he was getting horribly short of breath, and he wouldn’t stay sober. That is just the way it was.

Nobody could have helped Charles but Charles. I do think about him but I couldn’t have helped him anymore than I tried. He didn’t want the help and he did end up laying in that same spot as his brother years before.

Well the media is having a field day with the antics of Charlie Sheen as if his mental breakdown is there for their personal entertainment. And those that tune in my opinion are sicker than he is. What possible enjoyment can one gain from watching somebody self destruct? Is his words and irrational behavior so damn good that you can’t turn away?

You see his Mom and Dad, brothers and sister know what the coming attractions really are. They know the scenes coming will be the funeral home and cemetery ones. You see this is a reality show but it’s anything but entertaining, not when it’s your flesh & blood and close friends that really do care about him that will bury him in the end. And all of the beyond sickos who are presently tuning in on a daily basis can finally change the channel to the next impending disaster.

You see the media is feeding off this sick man right now while his family probably already has made the arrangements.

People tune into car races to see if they’ll have a big wreck. They really don’t want to see anybody really end up dead in the wreck but sooner or later somebody always dies. Charlie Sheen isn’t in a car, he is not being shielded by anything. He has two whores that are helping him die because he’s paying them and they don’t have enough respect for themselves to try to help him. After all if he gets straight, he’ll have no use for them anymore. But the biggest whores of all,


They are not only willing but are glad to bring you every last breaking news saga that comes out of this sick scene. Sick people bringing it to you, the sicker eating it up. Death comes, funeral shown, saga over. They’ll find another train wreck the following week. Sheen’s family’s pain sadly won’t go away that fast.

And another person will try to get somebody who drinks or dopes some help, but they too will fail because the one they are trying to help don’t want it. And the deaths march on.


In Memory of Richard ( Charles ) White. Feb. 17, 1940 – June 8, 2006.


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