The Epitome of Class Presenting To The Epitome of Classless ~ The Academy Awards

At 94 years old Kirk Douglas could teach this day and very sad age of Hollywood a few lessons.

Like how to conduct oneself in public in front of a billion viewers. As far as I’m concerned Melissa Leo was about as classless as they come. Once upon a time this prestigious award called the Oscar meant something to those that were awarded it. It meant that many thought your work was beyond all the rest and those that received it were greatly thankful. They gave graceful speeches. And no matter how one lived or spoke out of the camera’s view or microphones earshot, in front of it they acted like they beyond appreciated the homage they were paid.

I cannot ever remember watching the Academy Awards when very young watching anybody get up on the stage and even remotely putting themselves in the position to blurt out such an expletive. This wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was just plain smut behavior. Remembering the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Grace Kelley, Sophia Loren, Liza Minnelli, Natalie Wood and other countless actresses and actors of the past era’s of Hollywood. These people had Class.

Call it old-fashioned, Call it I’m getting old. But I don’t need to watch an award show to listen to somebody talk as if they were in their own living rooms. God knows I’m no angel with the mouth. But there is a time and place in-which it’s a little more acceptable and tolerated. It certainly doesn’t belong on a Live Broadcast going to the world.

I didn’t know who Melissa Leo was before Sunday and doubt I will ever give a damn who or what she does again.

She was not only presented with an award that is the most hardest to win, but she should have been honored who the Academy chose to be the presenter of that award. And who called out her name and handed it to her. I would have stood there in awe. I certainly wouldn’t have rambled the F’ word as if I didn’t know where I was, then call it an unconscious slip of the tongue.

Kirk Douglass probably was sorry he was chosen at 94 having to stand there listening to the outcome. Personally I felt sorry for him. He deserved a hell of a lot more respect than that. As did the audience there and those at home watching.

No sadly his days of Hollywood have been long gone for some time now. The days of the 40s, 50s and even the days of the rambunctious 60s offered the fans of these Stars an appreciated Thank You for what they won.

Respect for their profession, respect for their peers, respect for their fans but most of all respect for themselves.

I hope we get to see Kirk Douglas in the future. And I hope somebody realizes and understands what his days of yesteryear Hollywood meant. Having and Showing some Class.

The days of Gable, Bogey, Cagney, Lancaster, Niven, Grant, Peck, Stewart, Day, Bacall, Hayward, Garland, Turner, Poitier, Hepburn’s, Davis are gone. And all we’re left with today is undisciplined no talents. So much for Hooray For Hollywood.

When they were Stars.–19371945.aspx

 1937  THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA  Louise Rainer  The Good Earth
Bette Davis
1939 GONE WITH THE WIND Vivien Leigh
Gone With The Wind
1940 REBECCA Ginger Rogers
Kitty Foyle
1941 HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY Joan Fontaine
1942 MRS. MINIVER Greer Garson
Mrs. Miniver
1943 CASABLANCA Jennifer Jones
The Song of Bernadette
1944 GOING MY WAY Ingrid Bergman
1945 THE LOST WEEKEND Joan Crawford  Mildred Pierce
 Olivia De Havilland  To Each His Own
Loretta Young

Now again who in the hell is Melissa Leo?


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2 responses to “The Epitome of Class Presenting To The Epitome of Classless ~ The Academy Awards

  1. Isn’t she someone with terrible dress sense ?
    I couldn’t agree with you more- it’s all gone out the window now and yes we are old, but that doesn’t matter.I heard my 6 year old ask his sister this morning ”what does f***** mean?’…..I rushed out explained it was a VERY VERY naughty and bad word and he must never use it ever again ( until he was 21 under my breath), smacked him -YES not PC but I DID- and sent him to his room for an hour.
    He won’t use it again in adult company- my mother washed my mouth with soap ( child abuse these days) when I was 8, but I never used that word IN FRONT OF HER again……
    Ms Leo needs some soap…..

  2. I don’t pay much attention to what these people are dressing like. What I do know is that today there are so many of them without class. Hollywood at one time was the showcase for glamour. For both females and males and as I stated what ever occurred off the camera and out of or view. In front of it was a completely different story and they took the stage with dignity.

    Even Marlo Brando who had an American Indian decline his award, she didn’t stand there swearing at everybody or offer the explanation with expletives. This years award show was the most boring spectacle I ever sat through and watched. I guess I thought it would get better. And last years was at least entertaining.

    Seeing Kirk Douglas was the only highlight of the evening. It was his Hollywood that has been so missed and sadly we will never see again. At 94 he was the LIFE of that show.

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