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http://www.charityholdemcalendar.com/hazelpark/  Website Gone


Managed By Aces Gaming Supply

Interesting considering http://www.charityholdemcalendar.com/ other two locations are still operating. Northville Downs & Trippers in Lansing. And I will be addressing these Charity Casinos throughout Michigan in a separate Blog.

Still one has to wonder why this was closed down at Hazel Park Raceway. Or does one have to wonder considering the reputation of H.P.R?

Seems Hartman & Tyner do not like to pay others.


Cases file matching “Hartman and Tyner, Inc.”

View as Table

Cases 1 – 5 of 5


Leone v. Hartman and Tyner, Inc. et al

Filed: September 28, 2010 as 0:2010cv61811 Updated: September 28, 2010 21:36:55
Cause Of Action: Federal Question

Dunn v. Hartman and Tyner, Inc.

Filed: July 8, 2010 as 0:2010cv61172 Updated: July 9, 2010 00:08:38
Plaintiff: Thomas Dunn 
Defendant: Hartman and Tyner, Inc.
Presiding Judge: Adalberto Jordan
Cause Of Action: Fair Labor Standards Act

Karakis v. Hartman and Tyner,Inc. et al

Filed: January 13, 2009 as 1:2009cv20094 Updated: January 14, 2009 07:17:25
Plaintiff: Stephen A. Karakis
Defendants: Hartman and Tyner,Inc. and Hollywood Greyhound Track,Inc.
Presiding Judge: Judge K. Michael Moore
Cause Of Action: Federal Question

Loubeau v. Hartman and Tyner Inc. et al

Filed: February 26, 2007 as 1:2007cv20521 Updated: September 6, 2007 03:06:59
Plaintiff: Renel Loubeau
Defendants: Daniel K Adkins and Hartman and Tyner Inc.
Presiding Judge: Judge Marcia G. Cooke
Cause Of Action: Collect Unpaid Wages

Tafarella et al v. Hollywood Greyhound Track, Inc.

Filed: January 5, 2007 as 0:2007cv60017 Updated: September 18, 2007 03:05:20
Plaintiffs: Anthony Tafarella, Charles Ashmore and Charles Weiner
Defendants: Daniel K Adkins, Hartman & Tyner, Inc., Hartman and Tyner, Inc., Hollywood Greyhound Track, Inc. and Investment Corporation of South Florida
Presiding Judge: Judge Marcia G. Cooke
Cause Of Action: Collect Unpaid Wages


Filed: September 29, 2008 as 0:2008cv61542 Updated: September 29, 2008 18:16:21
Plaintiff: Bernard Zeien
Defendant: Hartman & Tyner, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Federal Question
Type: Labor > None
Filed: October 15, 2007 as 0:2007cv61472 Updated: April 12, 2010 16:09:54
Plaintiffs: Alva Scott, John Wajcman and Lucille Matthews
Defendant: Hartman & Tyner, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question: Fair Labor Standards

Navedo v. Hartman & Tyner,Inc.

Filed: October 4, 2007 as 0:2007cv61426 Updated: October 19, 2007 00:19:25
Plaintiff: Octavio Navedo
Defendant: Hartman & Tyner,Inc.
Presiding Judge: Judge Kenneth A. Marra
Cause Of Action: Collect Unpaid Wages

Type: Labor > Labor: Fair Standards

And the next from their doings in Florida with their Boy Dan Adkins … aka Danny… aka Daniel

Florida House of Representatives Kills Bad Slots Bill

Scroll down the page

The South Florida dog-track executive who spearheaded the petition drive has a different explanation for tracks’ opposition to a purse provision. The public was only promised money for schools, said Daniel Adkins with Hollywood Greyhound Track.

“We never once said a word about saving the industry,” Adkins said, adding that putting money for bigger purses and breeder’s incentives in the law itself would create political and legal problems.


In Florida anyway.

This is the identical same thing Dan Adkins try to pull in Michigan in 2010 with his Bogus Petition ” Racing to save Michigan “.  It didn’t work in Florida and certainly didn’t work here. That’s why there wasn’t one single provision written into the language of that petition here concerning ” Live Racing “, Contractual Agreements with Horsemen ( neither MHHA or HBPA ), Purse Revenue, or Simulcasting.  The exact same bullshit.


In May of 2008 in The Lansing Journal  Adkins said he was drafting a petition to amend the Michigan Constitution and provide for 10 new racetracks, with electronic gaming permitted. The amendment would require the new tracks to create 500 new jobs for them to keep their license. Adkins said it would be hard for the Detroit and American Indian casinos to drum up public sentiment against a measure that would create so many jobs.Continuing……………………. 

This idiot is the epitome of the saying ” Being Full of It “

Old Track, New Tricks

Dan Adkins knows from experience that what he needs to rejuvenate Hollywood Greyhound Track is the nonstop clicking of the turnstiles.

A five-year campaign combined with $3.61 million in contributions to political action committees and politicians has put the 71-year-old track tantalizingly close to what has resuscitated racetracks throughout the country: slot machines.

With Adkins, its vice president, as its public face, Hollywood Greyhound led the effort in Broward County to persuade voters to approve slot machines, helping unite longtime competing pari-mutuels with a common voice. Hollywood Greyhound helped form Floridians for a Level Playing Field with Flagler Greyhound Track in 2000.

The campaign was a sequel to the successful 1994 push by Hollywood Greyhound’s parent company, Hartman & Tyner, to get the West Virginia Legislature to approve slot machines at the state’s pari-mutuels.

Broward County’s pari-mutuels won voter support for slots in March, but the fight for the machines continues because the Florida Legislature failed to pass any regulations. The industry is heading to court to get the machines.

The legal battle is not the only fight Hollywood Greyhound finds itself waging. There’s the continuing media campaign by animal rights groups against the greyhound industry in general. And then there’s the schism over slots legislation that has developed between the track and the greyhound kennel owners, the lifeblood of the industry.

The Florida Greyhound Association wants legislation guaranteeing some of the slots revenue to boost the race winners’ purses. Hollywood Greyhound Track has argued that each pari-mutuel should negotiate its own agreement with “its service providers” — greyhound kennels, horse breeders or jai-alai players.

Florida Greyhound Association lobbyist Jack Cory said the kennel owners fought for Amendment 4 allowing Broward and Miami-Dade voters to decide whether they want slots because they thought they would receive guaranteed purse enhancements. He said Adkins has been “arbitrary and capricious” with the association.

“He’s simply trying to keep that money for himself and the track, which is unfortunately not uncommon when you are dealing with pari-mutuel facilities,” Cory said. “The greed factor took over.”


This Story was even more disheartening.

Report: 707 dogs hurt in 21 months at W.Va. track

Originally published January 29, 2010 at 12:40 p.m., updated January 29, 2010 at 1:26 p.m.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — A national group determined to outlaw greyhound racing says 62 dogs died or had to be euthanized at a West Virginia racetrack between January 2008 and September 2009, while more than 700 were injured, some suffering leg and skull fractures and spinal injuries.

GREY2K USA, a Massachusetts group that helped outlaw racing last year in that state, said Friday the injury rate at Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is the highest of any track it’s studied so far.

Executive Director Carey Theil said his organization has conducted similar analyses of greyhound injuries at tracks in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Kansas and Wisconsin.

“Dogs are suffering broken legs and other serious injuries on a daily basis,” he said. “This is the West Virginia dog racing industry’s dirty little secret.”

Wheeling Island officials did not immediately respond to repeated requests for comment Friday.

GREY2K’s numbers for Wheeling Island are based on reports kept by the state veterinarian who works at the track and were obtained from the West Virginia Racing Commission after seven Freedom of Information Act requests, Theil said.

His staff spent two months studying the data, which he called “dense and complicated, and internally contradictory,” consulted with the doctor who compiled it and is confident its numbers are accurate.

The West Virginia Racing Commission declined to comment on the report, referring questions to veterinarian Lori Bohenko. She did not immediately return telephone messages.

GREY2K said it was unable to obtain injury data from West Virginia’s other greyhound track, Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center in Nitro. A copy of a Sept. 17, 2009, letter from Vice President Daniel Adkins says the track does not maintain any public records on injuries.

West Virginia racing regulations do not require racetracks to report dog injuries to the Racing Commission. The words “injuries,” ”injured,” ”lame” and “euthanize,” for example, do not even appear in the 54 pages of racing rules.

Tri-State reviews accidents to ensure they are not related to the surface of the track and makes repairs as necessary, but it maintains no permanent record of that activity, either, Adkins said Friday. Though injuries do happen, he calls them “extremely rare.”

“It’s just like any other athletic sport. These are professional athletes, and when they’re out there on the track, injuries can happen,” Adkins said.

“We have 360 performances, 15 races in each performance and eight dogs in each race. That’s 43,200 dogs in a year’s time that are on our track,” he said.

Last year, 549 dogs were injured, or only 1.27 percent of the total, Adkins said. Thirty dogs were euthanized.

Of the total injuries, 456 were track- or race-related, Adkins said. The other 100 included everything from illness and tendon injuries to broken toenails.

“The safe handling of these dogs is very, very important,” he said. “It’s something we don’t take lightly.”

The flip side of the injury rate, Adkins said, is that “these dogs are treated like professional athletes. They’re housed well, they’re fed well, they’re trained, and there’s an enormous effort … at the end of their careers to make sure these dogs are placed in good homes.”

Theil could not say why the injury rate at Wheeling Island appears to be higher than at other, comparably sized tracks.

GREY2K’s analysis shows:

—707 injuries total, 325 of which involved broken bones or dislocations, and 28 of which were skull fractures or spinal injuries;

—62 deaths or euthanizations, including one dog that suffered head trauma and seizures when it was hit by a mechanical lure in July 2009;

—576 greyhounds were unable to race because they were too ill.

“Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane and should end,” Theil said. “Dogs play an important role in our lives, and deserve to be protected from individuals and industries that would do them harm. It is our hope that state lawmakers will start to look at this industry and ask questions.”

Jeff Kessler, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Friday this is the first time the issue has come to his attention. Kessler said he wants to investigate the matter further before deciding if there’s any role for the Legislature.

In particular, the Marshall County Democrat wants to know what other states do in terms of requiring injury reports.

GREY2K says the laws vary from state to state. Florida, where Tri-State’s parent company operates another greyhound track, does not require injuries to be reported, but Adkins said his company tracks them voluntarily there, too.

Associated Press Writer Tom Breen in Charleston contributed to this report

“It’s just like any other athletic sport. These are professional athletes, and when they’re out there on the track, injuries can happen,” Adkins said.

Professional Athletes? What a Heart. A Sad Pathetic One.


 Published: Tuesday, February 26, 2008
 Page: 1A


Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center’s name is going to be changed to Mardi Gras Gaming, a track executive said.

Dan Adkins, vice president of Harman & Tyner, the corporate parent of the Nitro track, also said:

n Richard “Rich” Tessler, formerly an executive with Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut, will join Tri-State’s staff today as the casino executive.

n Tri-State will resurrect its training program for new employees this week.

Mardi Gras Gaming is the same name Harman & Tyner uses for its greyhound racetrack in Hallandale Beach, Fla.

The Florida track was established in 1934 as the Hollywood Kennel Club. It operated as the Hollywood Greyhound Track before its name was changed to Mardi Gras Gaming in 2006. That’s when the first floor of the property was totally renovated. More than 1,100 slot machines and a poker room were added.

Adkins said Monday that by changing Tri-State’s name to Mardi Gras Gaming, Harman & Tyner can use the same name on everything from cocktail napkins to big promotions in both Florida and West Virginia.

“We’re going to try to brand ourselves and see if we can’t grow this Mardi Gras casino a little bit,” he said.

The company successfully re-branded the Florida property in less than a year and few people now remember “Hollywood Greyhound Track,” he said.

The use of the same name will allow the tracks to have “one large marketing department, one large human resources department,” he said.

Tri-State opened in 1985 as Tri-State Greyhound Park. Harman & Tyner, which is based in Michigan, bought the track in 1990.

The property was operating under the name Tri-State Greyhound Park in 2000. A New Orleans Mardi Gras-themed, 57,000-square-foot, $12 million addition opened in 2002 and the name was changed to Tri-State Racetrack and Gaming Center.

Adkins said the track planned to issue a press release today announcing that Tessler, the former Foxwoods executive, was joining Tri-State’s staff.

Tessler is going to be director of gaming at Tri-State, Adkins said.

Cathy Brackbill, who is Tri-State’s general manager, will report to Tessler, he said. Brackbill’s title may or may not change, he said.

Adkins said he wants to begin operating some table games at Tri-State in July so “we’re actually looking for some qualified money room and floor personnel for training. We will resurrect the training program this week.”

He said the Florida track’s human resource department “will set up shop to interview prospective employees.”

Adkins works out of Hallandale Beach. He planned to fly to West Virginia today. Adkins said he expects to be spending more time in West Virginia in the coming weeks.

Contact writer George Hohmann at business@dailymail.com or 348-4836.


But what is with all these name changes?

July 9, 2010 Nitro gambling center changes name, goes 24/7  

By Rusty Marks, Staff writer July 10, 2010 @ 07:16 AM

The Associated Press


CROSS LANES, W.Va. — Tri-State Casino & Resort has been renamed Mardi Gras Casino & Resort, officials announced Friday.

The name change is part of an overall re-branding initiative intended to position it as a destination resort.

“The addition of table games and our new hotel have launched this resort to a whole new level,” Dan Adkins, vice president, Hartman & Tyner, the casino’s parent company, said in a prepared statement. “The new name helps convey our Mardi-Gras style party atmosphere and better promotes the wide variety of activities available at this entertainment complex.”

Mardi Gras Casino & Resort will begin 24-hour operations July 11.  The new hotel will open in late July.

Allegiant makes on-line changes for easier booking

Allegiant Air has made changes to ease the process of booking online at http://www.allegiant.com, including changes to previously booked itineraries, according to a press release from the company.

Modifications can be made to itineraries instantaneously, allowing customers to avoid the wait and expense associated with calling the customer reservations and information center.

Through the “My Allegiant” tab, customers may log in to view upcoming trips and to make modifications to flight times, seat selections, hotel packages, car rentals, priority boarding and show, tours or attraction tickets. Customers can now view and print an itinerary as well.

To make additional changes not available under the “My Allegiant” tab, customers should continue to call the company’s reservation line at 702-505-8888. If modifying an itinerary through the “My Allegiant” tab, customers have up to 72 hours before the scheduled departure to make changes. For modifications inside the 72-hour period, but outside of 24 hours prior to departure, customers must call the company’s reservation line.

It was this last article I found the most interesting considering the Comments

Tri-State Casino’s name change is now official

Cross Lanes track and gaming center now “Mardi Gras Casino and Resort”

by From staff reports

Charleston Daily Mail
Tri-State Casino & Resort has a new name.

The Cross Lanes racetrack and gaming center has become Mardi Gras Casino & Resort, officials announced Friday.  

The property’s name change has been planned for quite some time as part of an overall re-branding to market it as a destination resort, casino executive said. “The addition of table games and our new hotel have launched this resort to a whole new level.  We want to provide a distinctive experience for guests as they enjoy all the services we have to offer,” Dan

Adkins, vice president of Hartman & Tyner, the casino’s parent company, said Friday in a press release. It has a page two but reflects the same details in the others.


Posted By:
crabbyone (10:36am 07-12-2010)
I think the hotel looks the way it does because it is supposed to resemble Bourbon Street.
Posted By: mtner1201 (6:04am 07-11-2010)
Should rename it “den of thieves”.
Posted By: sjl (4:55pm 07-09-2010)
Nothing like supposedly bringing in cash to the Mountain State with a Louisiana feel, and a cheap, 1970’s feel at that.
Posted By: koocher (4:08pm 07-09-2010)

i voted for this thing for the economic boost, but I’ll be danged if that ain’t the ugliest/cheesiest hotel…it looks like they ordered it from a magazine

LMAO, Yeah but remember Who’s the Boss? Dan Adkins that’s who!


Now what I’d like to know is why was The Florida Racing Services, Inc created?

Florida Profit Corporation


Filing Information

Document Number          P99000061911

FEI/EIN Number               593587243

Date Filed                                07/12/1999

State FL               

Status                                         INACTIVE

Last Event                              VOL DISSOLUTION OF INACTIVE CORP

Event Date Filed                 02/22/2010

Event Effective Date        NONE

Principal Address

215 S. MONROE ST., STE. 420


Mailing Address

215 S. MONROE ST., STE. 420


Registered Agent Name & Address


215 S. MONROE ST., STE. 420


Officer/Director Detail

Name & Address

Title D


215 S. MONROE ST., STE. 420


Title D


215 S. MONROE ST., STE. 420


Title M


215 S MONROE ST., STE 420


Annual Reports

Report Year Filed Date

2003 01/31/2003

2004 01/20/2004

2005 01/29/2005

Document Images

02/22/2010 — Vol. Diss. of Inactive Corp.
01/29/2005 — ANNUAL REPORT
01/20/2004 — ANNUAL REPORT
01/31/2003 — ANNUAL REPORT
01/23/2002 — ANNUAL REPORT
03/19/2001 — ANNUAL REPORT
04/19/2000 — ANNUAL REPORT
07/13/1999 — Domestic Profit

All PDF Links on Page

From 1999-2005 documents state Florida Racing Services, Inc.

In 2010 document it states Mardi Gras.

Now we know the Tri-State’s name was officially changed to Mardi Gras. So what was Florida Gaming services, Inc. again?

Filing Information

Document Number     P99000061911

FEI/EIN Number         593587243

Date Filed                        07/12/1999

State FL



Event Date Filed 02/22/2010

Event Effective Date NONE

DATE FILED:        7/12/1999

STATUS:                   INACTIVE


EVENT DATE FILED:  02/22/2010

This sounds like a Dummy Corporation. And for what? To Avoid Taxes or move $$$ Around?
Tri-State’s name is still here as of Feb. 12, 2011.

Now what was changed to Mardi Gras? I’m getting a little confused here.


Hartman and Tyner, Inc.

Just looking at the Relationship Visualizer will make you dizzy enough.

FL Corporate Record

State of Record:
State Reference ID: F93000001151
Registered Agent: Daniel K Adkins
File Date: 3/1/1993
Active: True
Filing Type: Foreign for Profit

Foreign For Profit? O.K.

Let’s see in 2009 an employee went to prison for supposedly embezzling $4.6 million from Hazel Park’s Raceway’s parent company.

Hanan Dallo is accused of altering purchase orders and invoices. Sort of like creating a Dummy Corporation like Fl. Racing Services, Inc. to HIDE THINGS?

Some of the comments on this Daily Tribune article are beyond interesting. Seems others keyed in on this Fl. Racing Services, Inc. as well through some links. Seems dear ole Dan, Daniel, Danny Adkins thinks a blogger had some sort of vendetta against him. All I can say is the paranoid feel guilty of something.

Hanan Dallo was convicted and this is her appeal decision. 

Was this individual literally and totally guilty, I don’t know. But with all this history of dirty doing in Florida & W. Virgina with the Dog Tracks, ever changing Casino names and Company’s Hartman, Tyner & Dan Adkins is involved in. Makes you wonder.

Which brings me back to my original question and point of this Blog. Why Was the Charity Casino & Poker Room closed down at Hazel Park Raceway? Ace Gaming still running the one at Northville Downs and Tripper’s in Lansing. What was up at Hazel Park Raceway that got theirs closed down.

Slots Money Promised from oct. 2004


“The money, to the tune of billions of dollars, is being generated right now. You can’t stop it, you can’t tax it,” said Hollywood Greyhound Track general manager Dan Adkins, who spearheaded the push for the amendment. “We’re here, we’re existing. Why not take advantage of it?”

Maybe I just gained the answer why only Hazel Park’s Poker Room got closed down hey Danny Boy?

But it seems I’m not the only one asking the question.

Ever wanted to hear the inside scoop on the gaming industry from a major player? Now you can. Follow Mardi Gras Boss Dan Adkins at twitter.com/MardiGrasBoss
@mardigrasboss Why did Hazel Park Raceway’s Poker Room get closed down? about 21 hours ago via web in reply to mardigrasboss

His response on his Twitter Account ( from the Mardi Gras Casino Link ) was @HazelParkCronie We are exploring options for poker. Fact is, the tracks should be permitted commercial poker. We may reopen soon. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to HazelParkCronie

Is the MGCB going to give Commercial Poker to you? News to the rest of Michigan. That’s a very interesting answer but somehow I don’t think this is the real reason why this Charity Casino run by Ace Gaming was closed down.
 Dan Adkins a Major Player? OH he’s good at Playing Games alright.


And as far as Hartman & Tyner, these people have lived in court. Continuously.




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2 responses to “Hazel Park Raceway Poker Room – Play Suspended & Closed

  1. Hazel Park had the Google cache page removed, but they forgot about the Bing one. That is until Today. That’s why that one got removed very very fast. But Sorry Boys many already seen it.

    And frankly I don’t know what’s the big deal?

    Yahoo is still up at THIS PRECISE MOMENT of 10:15PM, but I’ll bet you 1/9 odds this one will be soon gone as well when they see it posted here.,f5a72148&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=EWFCKG6pwNCN7PTLaOLN9A–

    You have reached the cached page for http://www.charityholdemcalendar.com/hazelpark/
    Below is a snapshot of the Web page as it appeared on 2/19/2011. This is the version of the page that was used for ranking your search results. The page may have changed since it was last cached. To see what might have changed (without the highlights), go to the current page.
    You searched for: Hazel Park Raceway Poker Room – Play Suspended & Closed We have highlighted matching words that appear in the page below.


    The Hazel Park Raceway Charity Poker Room is CLOSED Until Further Notice.

    Room Managed By Aces Gaming Supply

    Charity Hold’em Calendar

    email to: charityholdemcalendar@lansingpoker.com

    They want to hide this?

    That Google & Bing cache link disappeared faster than money could be taken from Tri-State and transferred to Florida Racing Services, Inc., then transferred to somewhere else.

  2. And Yahoo’s cache link is ZOOM Gone!!!

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