A Snowy Motown Monday ~ Brenda Holloway ~ When I’m Gone

Written by Smokey Robinson
Released in 1965

Brenda Holloway
The Andantes –
Jackie Hicks
Marlene Barrow
Louvain Demps
The Funk Brothers

In my opinion both Flo Ballard and Brenda Holloway were the two best and the most underrated Female Singers of Motown. Neither ever received the recognition they truly deserved.

And ” The Andantes “ were the most recorded group in Motown’s history. They sang background vocals with every Motown Group.



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2 responses to “A Snowy Motown Monday ~ Brenda Holloway ~ When I’m Gone

  1. Listening to Brenda H right now and don’t want it to ever end. What a beautiful voice (one time you can judge a book by its cover).

  2. You better believe it Eric.

    She was absolutely awesome. She also tore up on “Every Little Bit Hurts”, that song bore her soul to the depths. I have featured that one as well as it was my ultimate favorite from her. When I think of how many artists Berry Gordy held down it makes me beyond sick.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

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