Dennis Finkler 47 of Jamestown, Mi. kills two Horses by slashing their throats.

This Coward Bastard Dennis Finkler, 47, of Jamestown, MI has been charged with stabbing and killing two horses at Bramer Equestrian Stables late Friday night.

Finkler had a fight with his wife while at the ranch on Eighth Ave. and left in a jealous rage. Later that night he came back and allegedly slashed the throats of his wife’s 12 year-old Quarter Horse named “Mr. Total Package” and the ranch owner’s 6 year-old Palomino named Gambler.

The ranch owner found the dead horses the next morning when he went out to feed. Ottawa County Sheriff, Lt. Mark Bennett stated the horses bled out in their stalls.

Finkler was arraigned on Monday, February 14 on two felony counts of killing and torturing animals, one count of malicious destruction of property and one count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle when he used the ranch owner’s tractor to push his truck out of a snow bank.

The ranch owner’s horse, Gambler was a winning penning and cattle roping horse. The financial loss is estimated at $20,000.

Finkler has been released on his own recognizance and faces up to five years in prison if found guilty of the charges. In the mean time, Hudsonville District Judge Kenneth Post ordered Finkler not to contact his wife or the stable owner. He has also been ordered not to drink alcohol and to submit to random drug and alcohol testing.

Finkler is free on a personal recognizance bond. No court date has been set.


God Help Every Single Helpless Animal On This Earth.

Nothing could put out the fire I see when I look at this ball-less little coward and what he did to those poor Horses that harmed no one. Stories like this make me sick. What those two horses must of felt like as they were losing their lives. My God I can’t think of anything but how I hope somebody cuts his throat.

No amount of time served in jail could be enough justice. You can’t put a price tag on this loss. It was two beautiful warm blooded animals that gave nothing but love and pleasure to others. And how they so didn’t deserve to have somebody take their lives. That thoughtless heartless bastard.

Dennis Finkler it really must of took such courage and made you the man cutting the throats of defenseless animals. You make me sick, you make everyone on this earth sick. Your life isn’t worth the suffering you have caused these Horses and those of us that had to hear about it. All I know is I hope you die in the same manner.


May these Horses be running free without pain or heartache in Heaven where no more harm can come to them.


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