Sunday Soul ~ Funky Broadway ~ Wilson Pickett

Written by Arlester “Dyke” Christian. It was originally recorded by his band, Dyke & the Blazers.

But Wilson Pickett OWNED IT.

Both Released in 1967.

This Video was shot on a TV Show as a Documentary. Wilson Pickett and his band touring Germany in 1968.

Wilson Pickett and the Midnight Movers

Ernest “Skip” Pitts on guitar
George “Paco ” Patterson on sax, Curtis Pope – trumpet
Jack Philpot – baritone sax
George Moreland – drums

( Missing some Musicians on this particular Germany Tour – Reality couldn’t find all info.)

This song is posted on my Classic Soul Blog under Music. And as I said on this song, I would have gave anything to be of age and out on that floor that night!

Funky Broadway was a Dynamic Number. And this Live Performance along with the crowd blew me away.

Explosive & Fantastic!



MIDNIGHT HOUR: William “PoPsie” Randolph caught Wilson Pickett with his back-up duo, which included, at right, Jimi Hendrix.


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