Monday Moanin’ ~ Slow Blues ~ James Cotton

Live it, Feel it, Play it, Moan it out.

Muse where no words need to be spoken

In 1974 I bought tickets for a three band bill at The Masonic Temple in Detroit. The man and his band I wanted to see.

James Cotton.

That concert was pure raw Blues at it’s finest. The Marshall Tucker Band had just came out with their first album that “Can’t You See ” was off of opened. And then a guy I never heard of Charlie Daniels played. LOL

I was 17 years old. The price for the ticket $5.00. That was all. Me, my cousin and one of his friends just went along for the ride. And what a ride it was.

That 5 bucks was the best 5 bucks all of us ever spent. Sat up in the balcony but that harp rang out as clear if out to the stars and beyond.

Slow Blues expresses what words can’t, it’s what comes out of the player’s soul and James Cotton is one of it’s Masters.

~ Blues ~

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