Sarah Palin’s Hunting Group Speech ~ Just substitute WOMAN for Man in this song.

Palin to speak to hunting group

ABC News’ John Berman reports: Sarah Palin is set to deliver a speech to hunting enthusiasts about “how politics affect the current state of hunting and fishing.”  On Saturday January 29th, Palin will deliver a keynote address to at the Safari Club international convention in Reno, NV.  The group’s website says Palin will address the politics of hunting along with discussing her “past hunting experiences.”

Anyone who has watched “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” on TLC knows that Palin is an avid hunter who relishes delivering “organic sources of protein” to her family.  And the show pictured her shooting a variety of different guns.  This appearance makes clear that Palin will not back away from her passion from guns and hunting even in the wake of the shootings in Arizona last week .  Palin has come under criticism for imagery put out last year by her Political Action Committee placing Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s ins cross-hairs.  Investigators have found absolutely no connection between that imagery and the shootings in Tucson.  And Palin has lashed out at critics for perpetrating what she calls, “blood libel” by implying that the cross-hairs images were responsible in any way.

The Safari Club calls itself the “Leader in Protecting the Freedom to Hunt and Promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide.”  Palin’s speech, which  is listed as sold-out, is part of several paid-speaking engagements in the lower 48 that she will do in the coming weeks.  She will also sit down with an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Monday; her first interview since the violence in Arizona. Palin is a paid contributor to Fox News. End

Maybe she can talk to them about ” BLOOD LIBEL “

After Tucson shootings, Sarah Palin isn’t retreating, she’s reloading

In many ways, Sarah Palin mirrors the ethos of the gun-rights movement she promotes: never back down. Criticized for her rhetoric in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, she’s since posted a combative defense on Facebook and signed up to speak at a hunting and gun convention.

Say one thing for Sarah Palin: She heeds her own advice.

Coming only days after Ms. Palin was drawn into the Arizona shooting drama, news that the former Alaska governor and potential presidential aspirant will headline a gun-friendly hunting convention Jan. 29 fits her famous stump phrase: “Don’t retreat, reload.”

It is a philosophy that defines Palin as a political figure and also points to how closely her own public persona echoes that of the American gun culture she promotes. Just as the gun-rights community has prided itself on not backing down from any challenge but rather thriving on adversity to win broader victories, Palin has once again answered her critics with confrontation this week.

How well do you know Sarah Palin? A quiz.

To critics, it is one of the traits that makes Palin unlikely to succeed as a presidential candidate. To backers, however, it sets her apart.

For Palin, perhaps, it was only natural to envision 20 congressional districts ripe for a tea party takeover last November as targets marked by cross hairs. The fact that one of those targets was Arizona’s Eighth District, and the fact that the district’s Democratic representative, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in an apparent assassination attempt Saturday, made Palin and her map a topic of debate only minutes after the shooting.

Palin acknowledged she had prayed about what happened in Tucson. But in taped remarks issued Wednesday on her Facebook account, she also lambasted her media critics for committing “blood libel” by making a “reprehensible” insinuation.

She might as well have taken a page from how the gun-rights movement has reacted to challenges against it during the past 20 years.

The gun lobby’s relentless campaign

Despite mass-shooting tragedies like the one at Columbine High School in 1999 and Virginia Tech in 2007, for instance, the gun lobby and gun owners never paused in a concerted campaign to expand so-called “shall-carry” gun regulations, which mandate that states automatically have to approve a gun license if a person clears a background check.

In 1980, nine states had “shall-carry” laws; today, 37 do.

Moreover, Palin’s use of Facebook to carve out her own narrative apart from the mainstream press is reminiscent of the strategy used by gun-rights advocates to turn the national momentum against gun control during the past two decades.

In the 1990s, gun-rights activists were among the early adopters and pioneers of blogs, online bulletin boards, and listservs, says Brian Anse Patrick, a gun-culture expert and author of “Rise of the Anti-Media.” Often ignored or ridiculed mainstream journalists, gun owners – not always in lockstep with the National Rifle Association – spread news, analysis, and philosophy across the Internet, posting items like “Gun news the media didn’t report today.” END

Blood Libel – The blood libel is a false accusation that Jews sacrifice Christian children either to use the blood for various “medicinal” purposes or to prepare Passover Matzoth (unleavened bread) or for vengeance and mock crucifixions. It is one of the central fables of Anti-Semitism of the older (middle ages) type. The blood libel is a phenomenon of medieval and modern Christian anti-Semitism, but spread to the Middle East as early as 1775, when there was a blood libel in Hebron. A second blood libel occurred in Damascus in 1840 and one occurred in Cyprus in the same year. As the blood libel was the subject of folk ballads and literature, it was not simply a religious superstition in Europe, but a staple of popular culture, like most anti-Semitic prejudices.

Blood-libel. The accusation that Jews murder non-Jews to obtain blood for Passover rituals. This accusation was repeated in many places in the Middle Ages and was the cause of anti-Jewish riots and massacres. It was a regular motif in anti-Semitic propaganda until the Second World War.


My Friends we indeed have the 21st Century Schizoid Woman here.

18 shot – 6 dead……. Still advocating guns. Lots and lots of them. She is one sick twisted individual that just doesn’t get it and never will.


King Crimson

Released in 1969 ~ Written by entire band.

Greg Lake – Vocals, bass guitar
Ian McDonald – saxophone
Robert Fripp – Guitars
Michael Giles – drums
Peter Sinfield – lyrics

Yeah Whoops

Nothing funny about these at all.

Yeah you go speak to your hunting group, wacko. Hopefully this will be next on your agenda.


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One response to “Sarah Palin’s Hunting Group Speech ~ Just substitute WOMAN for Man in this song.

  1. Look Bud, don’t think you know me. Your first sentence described you. Typical calling others ON THE LEFT. I’m down the middle but I’m able to see all aides, I don’t have tunnel vision like you. I’m a very Moderate Democrat that believes in being able to own guns. I don’t believe in Welfare. I’ve worked since I was 16.

    Sarah Palin brings things on herself. That’s why I wrote:
    Selflessness and then there is Selfishness

    Instead of acting HUMAN with some type of compassion, she chose instead to act unfeeling and cold not thinking of others but only herself. She’s a selfish demented little bitch. Even Republicans blasted her for the video put out on the day of that Memorial. Go tell them they’re on the left.

    Your nowhere. You can’t even comprehend what’s happening around you. Your like a Zombie following a cult leader. So save your bullshit at me and open up those closed shut eyes of yours. And until you’ve read all my views with-in my Political Tab and go to some of the RIGHT Wing sites and read what they are saying about her. Don’t comment back here.

    Republicans BLASTED her on her choice to act like she did. You can run from truth for the rest of your life. I seem to have a lot of company in my views including those on the RIGHT.

    Another one that will open your eyes before you criticize others. My Opinions, Views, Thoughts are that of my own. I don’t watch cable news pundits on ANY channel. I watch general news to be informed And the only thing that gets played on my Radio/Stereo is MUSE.

    Your problem is you have no thoughts of your own. There are plenty of Democrats I disagree with. Can you say the same from your end on who you align yourself with?

    Your Gravatar of yours seems to say it all about you Mr. Maryville Tennessee. Brainwashed

    To put out that defiant video on the day of that memorial then the next things she announces right after a mass shooting is she’s going to GUN group and still advocate guns is incomprehensible.

    You just sit there watching your obsession with Fox News. You have no mind of your own. You let them form yours for you. Pathetic

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