Selflessness and then there is Selfishness

It won’t be hard to distinguish the two.


As Ellis Henican said in November.
Strategic misstep on the part of the lefty groups, as you mentioned. Let the woman talk. Believe me, the more she talks, the better off they are.

This is a prime example of what he spoke of. The pathetic coldness of an unfeeling delusional self-absorbed psycho. With such a complex of guilt felt the need to defend herself instead of acting like a Human Being reaching out to those lives lost in Tuscan, AZ. and their loved ones.

Isn’t this the kind of person who pulled the trigger?

In this speech she gave she couldn’t have brought the two twisted personalities any more closer than with her own mouth and words. Sad part is she not knowing the difference.

What you have in the first Video is people who gave of themselves for others.

The second video is one who will never fit the mode of a mentally normal person. And the only one who could have managed this feat is the person herself. Sarah Palin is the portrait of a paranoid schizophrenic.

The reason she now laughs and makes fun of her own lack of knowledge is because that is the only way she can deal with it. Normal sane people just don’t continue to act the way others portray them. They attempt to show you that those people are in fact wrong and they rise up from the criticism.

This mental case showed the world her further decline. She could have chosen a path that resulted in respect. She instead was ever so determined to demonstrate how right her critics are about her. If you think somehow this is Presidential Material you are as delusional as her.

Wednesday was a day when a Memorial was to take place to honor the lives of six individuals of different genders and ages with the youngest being nine whose lives were taken in a vicious act. And to remember the other 13 who were shot among them.

In reality Sarah Palin could have chosen to go to this memorial along with others to pay her respects. But what she chose to do is put out a video to continue down the same path that led to this sickening tragedy, urging mental instability and the dividing of people instead of unity.

Another tragedy in itself.

A further example how one who lays in a hospital bed having had a bullet inflicted through her brain more functioning than one who sat in front of a camera and depicted a person suffering from brain damage yet a bullet hadn’t passed through the brain.

A very sad commentary and it spoke volumes.


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