The Rationals ~ I Need You ~ Song of the Day

Released in 1967 on the  A2 Records Label/A² 402

Written by Carole King & Ray Davies

Steve Correl – lead guitar, vocals
Bill Figg – drums
Scott Morgan – guitar, vocals
Terry Trabandt – bass, vocals

Growing up in Detroit this group was apart of the Home Grown Sound. They came from Ann Arbor as did Bob Segar ( at age 6 ). They did a great version of Otis Redding’s Respect in 65. In fact Aretha Franklin’s version didn’t come out until 66. In all honestly us Detroit Kids still liked The Rationals version better. And had their version of the song broke out in every city Nationally at the same time it would of went to number one as it did in Detroit.

Still sadly this group never received the National attention, audiences, recognition or notoriety they deserved.

Out of all the songs they recorded. I Need You is my favorite.


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One response to “The Rationals ~ I Need You ~ Song of the Day

  1. Robert Moga

    Hard to believe maybe, but I think this Detroit ‘blue eyed soul/garage rock band” version is more soulful than the original by Chuck Jackson. Maybe a little “over embellished” on the vocal end but certainly containing a “deeper” soul feel than Jackson’s effort.

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