Happier 2011

We have a lot of troubles to fix started by two madmen in 2000. How anybody thought that 8 years of total disaster was going to be fixed with electing somebody to take the position of cleaning up this mess in just two years was completely delusional.

I along with whole country do not know how in the world to get it back like it was prior to 2000. All I know is I’m personally still direly waiting for this magic day of this so called new Health Reform bill to allow me to purchase the same health coverage as our Senators. Otherwise my only anticipation will be death.

So Happy New Year if there is such a thing in this new day and age and may God help us all.

Funny my parents era of a depression still had the ability to see sick people and not be turned away. Now only those on Welfare or coming from a venue that our troops are dying in who have came here to America get that advantage. How miserably backwards we have indeed come through all these years.

Sorry if you expected balloons, horn blowing and glitter. I live in the real world, Unfortunately.

I don’t want a million dollars, I just want to be able to once again afford to buy health insurance and get well. With Health you can achieve anything you want. Without you stay in a worsening condition until pronounced dead.

BB King ~ Originally Released in 1964

Help The Poor ~ Written by Charlie Singleton

Riding With The King ~ BB KING ~ ERIC CLAPTON

Original Release Date: June 13, 2000

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