William C. Franks Furniture Store Explosion

I heard that Furniture Store Explode along with so many others.

William C. Franks Furniture store explosion.

I was on the phone with my boyfriend when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a Door in the house that had slammed shut. He said what was that? I said I don’t know. By time we got through talking I flipped on the TV, and breaking news was flashing on WXYZ. Flipped the station to 4 WDIV and they had it on live and told the exact time of explosion and said it could be heard as far as Romulus and Garden City. I am about a mile and a half from that explosion site. Called him back and said turn on the news, that is what we heard. His reaction, wow. My reaction disbelief and just thought how sad for the store owner, workers and nearby stores and houses damaged. A mans vehicle in front of the store when it exploded was said to have been blown through the air landing on Wayne Rd. He was pulled from the vehicle and and paramedics on arrival immediately transported him to the hospital where he underwent surgery to remove glass and debris from his face and neck.

I watched the 11:00pm news and they still were looking for the two missing people. Sadly both have now reportedly been found deceased. All I can think of how these poor people just spent Christmas with their families now days later this sadness and loss. It makes you realize how precious life is and how you can lose it in a second. How could they had thought upon leaving for work that they were only moments away from their demise. Unimaginable for all who watched this Wednesday. I pray the Store owner recovers and can only now pray for those lost and their families that are completely devastated and heartbroken.


A blast felt miles away leveled a Detroit-area furniture store, where crews rescued the owner from the rubble alive and searched for more than 12 hours before recovering the bodies of a salesman and a clerical worker who were killed in the suspected natural gas explosion.

Wayne City Manager John Zech said rescuers using search dogs found the body of salesman James Zell, 64, of neighboring Westland, in the debris left by the explosion at the store, located in downtown Wayne about 15 miles from Detroit.

Shawn Bell, Wayne’s deputy fire marshal, later said workers found the body of a woman in the rubble. Leslie Machniak, a 54-year-old secretary from Westland who had worked at the furniture store for nearly a decade was also killed.

Read more: Wayne mourns in wake of furniture store explosion | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20101230/NEWS02/101230074/Wayne-mourns-in-wake-of-furniture-store-explosion#ixzz19e6OVyAJ





Nobody ever has the answer to WHY?

One can only have faith that they’re in a better place than here.

God Speed to all directly affected by this tragedy. You’re in many of thoughts and prayers this Thursday AM. But believe out of this world into Jesus hands. You can’t see them but they’re safe.

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