AG Mike Cox tells Bay Mills Indian Community to Shut Down Casino in Vanderbilt, Mi. Immediately!

As of December 17 and Their Response was:

“We have received the letter from the Attorney General and do not agree with the state’s analysis. We are open for business and have no further comment at this time.”

Bay Mills Tribal Chairman, Jeff Parker


Take a flying leap! Game on.

Going on to say, As of Friday morning the sound of slot machines at the Vanderbilt casino could still be heard in the background when the Herald Times made a phone call and spoke to casino day manager Patro Fascina who confirmed the casino was still open.

“We are still here. “I was told by my supervisors … to just keep the doors open and away we go,”


Even though Casino’s have managed to wreak havoc on the Horse Racing Industry here in Michigan, you have to give it to this group. I say GOOD! Tell Mike Cox where he can go.

Detroit Casino’s have had Mike Cox and Lansing in their pockets thus far making sure they don’t get anymore competition. I mean Detroit literally robbed the The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Greektown with the help of Lansing. When Governor Granholm appointed an Ex-Mayor of  a small Garden City ( who doesn’t know squat about Casino’s or Horse Racing ) to the MGCB, giving the board the 4th vote needed to hand Greektown over to a Detroit group. I mean what does Mike Duggan of the DMC know about running a Casino? Freeman Hendrix is also on the Board, it took him until Sept. to step off the Detroit Charter Commission. Then he wanted to name his successor. Yeah Right.

Joy Yearout, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s office, said lawyers have been and will continue to be in regular contact with Bay Mills. She declined further comment.

John Wernet, Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s senior council for Native American affairs, said there’s no doubt the issue is going to be decided by a judge — something that’s likely to have implications for Bay Mills’ plans to open a casino in Port Huron.

Parker has acknowledged that the Vanderbilt casino is a test run for gaming in Port Huron. The same day the casino opened, the tribe paid Acheson Ventures $100,000 for 16 acres of property that includes the former post office at 1300 Military St.

“I don’t think this is an issue that is going to be resolved very quickly,” Wernet said about the Vanderbilt casino. “I think it clearly is going to involve litigation. … How it will proceed to that point, I don’t know.”


Yeah and I don’t know how your going to stop any other Indian Tribe from doing the same either. Sort of makes you feel Powerless doesn’t it Governor? About as Powerless as the Horsemen/Women felt when you dissolved our ORC and placed us under the MGCB who cut our Race Days to 3 at Pinnacle Race Course. About time some things come back to haunt you now. Your Attorney General can go flip off with you since both your days are numbered anyway. Just like the Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Quarter Horse folks. How does it feel?

Don’t worry about how cold it is outside Detroit. The heat is going to get turned up on you next.. You can only rob and steal away for so long.


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