It’s not FREEZING outside. It’s All in Your Mind ~ It is HOT!

How can you not think of warmth and the heat of the Summer when you hear this song? For me it was the ultimate song that just reminded you of summer no matter what time of year or how cold out.

Well people you’re just going to have to put your mind elsewhere and ride this Freeze out like a wave rode out on a Summer Ocean.

So I’ve added any song I can think of that has the Summer Heat in it or songs I heard that remind me of Summer when they came out.

You have to picture HEAT rising off the sidewalks and roadways and you in the burning sun and hot summer nights instead of FREEZING YOUR BLUE ASSES OFF! LOL


God this next one really reminds me of Summer at a Shopping Center in a Detroit Suburb, always heard this at Wonderland Shopping Center during the Summer.



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