Westboro Baptist Church Needs To Be Put Out Of Their Misery… Literally

Westboro Baptist Church Website


Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Elizabeth Edwards Funeral

Bad enough this mentally diseased group protests our American Troops KIA Funerals, but now they’re planning to show up at Elizabeth Edwards funeral and protest.

I say enough of these F’N people.

They are equivalent to the terrorists who attacked the USA on 9-11. Religious extremists that use the word God to attack and kill people. There is no difference in what this CULT is doing at our soldiers funerals than what Muslim Extremists do. Terrorize people. Are we not at war Against Terrorism?

One does not have to act as in killing someone to be classified as a terrorist. The KKK just showing up at a Black or Jewish family’s home and burning a cross on their lawns caused terror. This is in-fact what Westboro Cult is doing.

Enough of this Freedom of Speech shit. These are private funerals they are disrupting. It would be like somebody walking into a funeral home anywhere here in America with hateful signs while shouting God hated their deceased loved one. And who would stand for it? Police would be called and they would be removed physically, put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail or the NUT HOUSE. That is if they survive the beating somebody at the funeral home gives them before police arrive.

These people have a death wish and I say it’s about time we give them their wish. Courts are literally giving these people protection by allowing them to protests these funerals. Not bad enough the stress these family members are enduring losing somebody. Now they have to encounter insane madness outside of the funerals. These people need a good ass kicking and I mean a good one. One that will put them in the hospital for a couple of months. break every bone contained within a hand and mouth leaving them without the ability to hold a sign or from uttering a comprehensible word.

What is it that we have had Presidents and Politicians who stand and make speeches that we will not allow our country to be subjected to terrorism. And we will fight and defeat this enemy. And what that means is that we will KILL them if necessary to stop their terror. Just because these people haven’t shot, blew up or physically attacked anyone does not mean their actions do not have any ramifications of an act of terror. Subjecting the deceased loved ones to their madness leaves emotional scars.

If a mob attacked these people at the funerals they seem to be allowed to show up at and beat the living shit out of them. I guarantee they’d think more than twice about doing the same thing again. And if they would, beat them twice as bad next time. If they die? Oh Well. As they proclaim on their website it will be THEY who’ve brought on their own Deaths.

We have troops abroad dying in a War so Terror will cease. I say it’s about time we start fighting it at home as well and I can’t think of a better group than these Demented F’s to start with.

Whether a Terry Jones of another small attended Cult who encourages violence by way of burning another religions beliefs in the name of Jesus, or Westboro Cult terrorizing families that don’t come anywhere near them yet they show up at their loved ones funerals to disrupt an already sad and solemn service. I say a beating of the worst kind is in order. They are begging for it and bringing it on like those they proclaim brought on their own diseases and death and it’s Gods punishment.

You show up at a funeral for a family member of mine and your begging to get the shit kicked out of you.

Muslims have their nut cases that twist their faith and Christians have theirs as well, only it’s Satan these loons worship not any God. A Pastor of a church I attended some time back made a statement at one service. He said I may be saved but I’m not crazy. Meaning just because I worship the Lord doesn’t mean I’m going to just let you do anything to me without protecting myself and fighting back.

So why do we stand for this? Put an end to these people protesting at people’s funerals.

In the 60s people got their heads bashed in protesting for Civil Rights and Peace. 40 years later people are in the streets protesting funerals with their mentally deranged hate and nothing happens to them.

They want attention? I’d give them some they didn’t bargain for and maybe the next funeral they attend will be their own.

Put these people out of their misery once and for all, therefore putting us out of ours as well.


They have their right to freedom of speech, well I sure as hell have a right to mine too.


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