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NYC OTB’s shutdown casts uncertainty across New York’s entire racing industry (with video)


Betting Parlors Close Their Doors in New York NEW YORK TIMES


Some 1,000 employees lost their jobs. And a revenue stream that had funneled tens of millions of dollars a year to breeders, track owners and related businesses dried up.


Everywhere you look Horse Racing across this country is being slaughtered by Casino’s. Yet Horse Racing existed first. Horse Racing has generated millions upon millions of dollars to their States since early 1900s.

At least NY State have had OTBs since the 1970s. Though mismanaged from the start. I mean $750 million a year in bets and they managed to go bankrupt? And the real casualties as usual? The thousands of Horsemen/Women along with the OTB employees.

With OTB dead, Andrew Cuomo must rethink New York’s relationship with horse racing.

NY city is the only city affected by this shut down in the State. But it’s impact will be astronomical to the entire State Horse Racing Program there, as it is here with NOTHING being added to even the playing field. In Michigan treated even worst. Candidates run on jobs, and the Horse Racing Industry here directly affects 42,000 of them. We were the States Keepers and this is now the respect they show us. We will see what our new Governor does for this hard working Industry here. As I’ve said I hope they understand when they’ve successfully killed us for good, the revenue we generates for them dies with us.

This impact is our second DEPRESSION. But it may be a Depression that we never come out of as in Dead.

A damn dirty shame.


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