Zenyatta’s Final Bow


The Words I will always remember when I think of this Magnificent Horse.

December 5, 2010 Fan Appreciation Day at Hollywood Park.

Imagine a 53 year old woman watching and crying in the first few minutes of this video especially when I realize in the background her Victory in the 2009 Breeder’s Cup Classic is being played.

Yeah they get into your blood and definitely something you never want to get back out. These Wonderful, Beautiful Horses.

Mike Smith hugged her and tapped his heart three times and he had plenty of company with the same sediments as Zenyatta more than embraced ours with 20 of the most exciting and spectacular races in the History of Horse Racing. Fans showed it Sunday one final time and I believe she showed us hers as well. Mario Espinoza more than anybody knows and at the end of his career will remember what a privilege he had rubbing this Horse. The one who spent the most time with her will miss her the most. Her Groom.  

She is one loved Beauty by everyone and May God Bless her with a long loved happy life.

Thank You Z e n y a t t a.


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