Illinois Racetracks Next On The Block For Slots?

Illinois Senate OKs Gaming Bill; House Next


The Illinois Senate Dec. 1 approved legislation that would authorize slot machines at Illinois racetracks as part of a huge expansion of gambling across the state.

The bill, which passed with the bare minimum of 31 votes, notes Illinois racing is “on the verge of extinction” because of slots-fueled competition from surrounding states.


Horsemen/Women hear you here in Michigan. We know this fact more than anybody but Michigan is unwilling to not just help the Horse Racing Industry here but also further help themselves in even more generated revenue for the State.

BloodHorse Article also states:

The legislation is far from becoming law despite the Senate victory. The House of Representatives, which has been more reluctant to approve gaming expansion, has recessed until after the first of the year. And Gov. Pat Quinn expressed reservations about the scope of the bill.

Opposition comes from opponents of gambling, from existing casinos, and from regulators.


Existing Casino’s ? Huh I have to think about this for a split second.

AND WHO EXISTED FIRST? Who had generated all the money from History when Pari-Mutual betting was signed into law from Horse Racing?

So you can take this Existing stuff and cram it. In every single State that had Horse Racing, then 75 years later got Casino’s the RACE TRACK EXISTED FIRST. So let us put things into perspective here. But I love this sentence,

Opposition comes from opponents of gambling????? From existing Casino’s and from regulators.

Well these so-called opponents of Gambling should have fought this hard to keep their States from getting Casino’s.

And these Regulators??? Let’s see there are some State insurance regulators in W. Virginia that have established a task force to monitor the negative effects the new federal health reform law might have on health insurance agents and brokers.

Hum, is this the type of Regulators we are talking about? Not Insurance ones but ones who oppose Race Tracks?

On the above I would think the State Regulators would be more concerned about sick people who will die if they can’t get any insurance, not about negative effects on health insurance agents and brokers. These people have their heads where their asses sit.

So in Illinois they are worried that the Rack Tracks can’t be Regulated  like Casino’s? Why Not? Are they inept?

Well I say hire some new Regulators that know how to do their jobs. The ones who can’t maybe they can join the W. Virginia ones and worry themselves that the insurance agents and brokers there might die because of the health reform that may save the sick people from dying instead. Geeeze

How in the world can the States Regulators oppose Slots at the Race Tracks. It makes no sense. What they can’t keep track of both? Imbeciles


The bill identifies Illinois racing as a $2.5 billion industry “on the verge of extinction due to fierce competition from fully developed horse racing and gaming operations in other states,” and claims the “decline of the Illinois horse racing and breeding program” would be reversed by its passage.

Six tracks would be permitted to have slots. In the Chicago area, Arlington Park, Hawthorne Race Course, Balmoral Park, and Maywood Park would each get 1,200 machines; Fairmount Park and Quad City Downs would each get 900.


It’s not a done deal yet but sounds encouraging for the Horse Racing Industry in Illinois. I hope the House there comes to its senses. And I hope many here in our own House and Senate in Michigan gain some understanding to this dire state of affairs for the Horse Racing Industry here as well. Because we are in the same sinking boat. And Horse Racing Pari-Mutual betting was signed into Mi. law in 1933. Long before the herd of Casino’s showed up in the 90s. It was Horse Racing generating $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Michigan.

We earned our keep long ago, but the disrespect and disregard we get is more than disheartening. 42,000 jobs in Michigan will go down the drain if Horse Racing here becomes extinct.

So the hell with the opponents of gambling and the regulators. Gambling has been here since 1933 only it was Horse Racing that was here first. Since, the Lottery, more Lottery, more Lottery then Casino’s came along. They Live, They Thrive but the ones who generated and supported the State before all the others are being forgotten about. All 42,000 of them and it’s a damn shame. How so much more we could give you if  just allowed to.

It could only be a win win situation for both. Horse Racing and Michigan.

Further Horse Racing News:
Hearing Set on Kentucky ‘Instant Racing’

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved historical racing in July and immediately joined with the racetracks to request a declaratory judgment from Franklin Circuit Court on the legality of the form of electronic gaming. The commission and racetracks contend historical racing is an extension of pari-mutuel wagering.


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