Leslie Nielsen ~ In Remembrance


How about pulling up a million or two.

We are going to so miss you Leslie. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult, that entire Academy Award scene makes me laugh so hard I literally end up ROFLMAO. In fact all of them. Trying to sand off a tattoo from Dr. Albert S. Meinheimer ass!

These movies were hysterical. What a Handsome Talent.


That’s OK normally you wouldn’t be going 65 down a one way street.


So many lines, So many scenes. He literally made us laugh our guts out and will again watching these over and over. Goodbye Lt. Frank Drebin and Thank God for letting the world have Leslie Nielsen for 84 years. May we all DIE Laughing.


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One response to “Leslie Nielsen ~ In Remembrance

  1. Great post. Thanks for visiting my site.

    The man was an incredible dramatic actor as well as a comedic one.

    Funny how people don’t appreciate work like his until they are gone.

    Glad I wasn’t one of them. I have appreciated him since The Poseidon Adventure

    RIP Leslie

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