Pinnacle Race Course’s Constipated Minds ~ Communication Breakdown ~ Song ~ Life ~ Work ~ Home ~ World at Present.

Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same,
I’m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!


Our poor weary exhausted physically and emotionally bankrupt Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women  in the State of Michigan who funded the entire 2010 meet only to be still taking it in their asses by their oblivious track owner of Pinnacle Race Course would seem the nightmare continues. With certain personal now playing hide and seek but only with themselves because nobody else wants to play, they misunderstood the words of play to THEY WANT TO BE PAID!

Silly Horsemen & Women. What were they thinking? Pinnacle is closed. No Manager, No President, no BOOKKEEPER.

Nobody is answering the phone. Well ring a ding ding. Can’t call the track, can’t call the house. But the BANK keeps calling them. Hey the mortgage payment is due, and the Gas Company, DTE, City water and sewage department. Truck payments, Feed Bills, Vet Bills, Straw and Hay people, phone company, bill collectors. People are sick but doctor says cash upfront or die. Their barn cats have run out of barn mice to eat so the kitties are hungry.

Silly arrogant people.  How dare them want to receive any money due them after all it was meant for them to pay the track to be able to run their horses. Why in the world would Pinnacle see that their bookkeeper literally actually sends statements with small portion of payments. Like this is for such and such, this is for that. But if that’s not bad enough everything keeps saying BALANCE DUE, O as in ZERO. So people have questions, many many questions. You would think it reasonable that somebody would have a phone number that could answer them. You know they call and you answer and say well hello Mr. or Mrs. so & so how are you, how was your Thanksgiving? Or maybe that’s why you don’t answer and ask because they would TELL YOU HOW IT WAS.

Their Turkey wasn’t so stuffed this year because a Million of their money funded something that some one else should have funded. And yet totally understood that the funds might be slow in coming since the Track Was now Closed Down. But they didn’t think they would get portions of payments through the United States of America Mail service without what, which horse, and which race it was for. And then see Balance due ZERO as in you’ve been paid don’t bother me anymore. When you know your horses purse was more than $50.00 or where you finished should have gotten you more like $5,000.

That would be like me going to Meijers and buy 50 items but don’t get a receipt of which item cost what? Just the Total at the bottom of a blank receipt. How would you know what they actually charged you for. Your can of creamed corn might of only been 25  cents, yet you don’t know what they charged you for because the items WEREN’T ITEMIZED.

Isn’t that called being held up without the gun? Here, take this receipt and you give us $100.00 dollars and we will call it even. The bill may be only $28.00 and they may owe you $72.00. Or you ran a Horse for a purse of $6,800 and you placed 2nd. Yet they only send you $58.00 and then put Balance ZERO. As if nobody owes you another dime. People become alarmed, confused, anxious, agitated, angry…. they want answers.

Problem is Pinnacle’s  BRAINS have a ZERO BALANCE. And now you are at their mercy. Why Bookkeepers are hired is to keep records of all the balances money owed and money due. And what they are indeed paying out for, or why the balance of all the payments MUST NOT ALL SAY ZERO. Because it is IMPOSSIBLE that  for whatever and whom the balances always comes out to everyone as ZERO. When partial payments are being paid,  IT STILL LEAVES A BALANCE OF WHAT YOU STILL OWE THAT PERSON.

And IT MUST SAY WHAT YOU ARE PAYING THEM FOR. Because they may have many payments coming to them for different horses and races. But it can’t all equal ZERO Balance Due with each and every single person. UNDERSTAND?

So nobody is answering the phones, or nobody wants their number given out so others can call them directly.

Oh Happy Happy Days for the HBPA. Now they have to play secretary too! They don’t get paid for all this, YOU DO.

Instead of calling the person directly responsible for these accounts. The bookkeeper wants people to call the HBPA then they can call the bookkeeper and say so and so called, please call them…… again and again and again. My Answer to all this insanity would be


Christmas is coming and you don’t want to find that people have put shit in your stockings.

So I have a better Idea!

Those Horsemen/Women still here in Michigan get the addresses of those responsible and instead of calling, EVERYBODY SHOW UP AT THEIR FRONT DOOR. Pound, Bang, Shout, Yell for them to open the door up. Then shove these blank check receipts you’ve received into somebody’s faces  and demand itemized statements. And scream at them what they still owe you. Maybe then they won’t mind the calls.

What the hell is this?

Don’t call me, have them call you, then you can call me and tell me who called you, then I’ll call them. WTF?

And they all thought they had seen and put the worst behind them. They haven’t yet even begun to see the hill much less gotten up and over it. Friggin Sad.

But Hey I see a Light at the End of the Tunnel! Only with the Horsemen & Woman’s luck 


In News:

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS George Washington arrived in S. Korea

In Portland a 19-year-old Oregon resident wanted a massacre at Tree Lighting event.

Ugly Betty Actor decapitates his mothers head

Man massacres his family on Thanksgiving in Fl., may be on his way to Mi.

US: WikiLeaks release endangers ‘countless’ lives

North Korea “readies missiles”

KABUL – Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at an Afghan police headquarters Saturday, killing 13

This whole maddening world has lost it’s mind into one gigantic Communication Breakdown. I guess if we haven’t been shot, blown up, stabbed and still have our heads. Tommorow may bring some answers that today didn’t. One can only Hope.


Here look and enjoy some Beauty. It will take your mind off the people who are doing their best trying to drive you mad.

Three horses enjoy the fresh snow as they run through a snow covered meadow in Waidring in the Austrian province of Tyrol, Friday, Nov. 26, 2010.


Led Zepplin,
Communication Breakdown Released in 1969. Written by Bonham/Jones/Page.

Robert Plant – vocals
Jimmy Page – guitars, backing vocals
John Paul Jones – bass guitar, backing vocals
John Bonham – drums

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