Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough put the Class back into Dance!

Nobody puts Baby in the Corner. Damn Right!

From the opening dance number of These Arms of Mine I knew this would be a Special Season. The first for me to have watched. So it was only befitting that the last dance of the season would also be a Dirty Dance movie number Do you love me (Now that I can dance). Jennifer Grey with the help of Derek Hough proved she still had it in her to match a younger version of herself for what seemed like so many years ago but yet still like yesterday, when she was dancing all these moves with her movie partner then Patrick Swayze. How proud he would have been of her tonight but something tells me he knows.

It was fate that she would take home the main prize. But this wasn’t a gimme, this was hard work earned with every step danced at times to perfection. There were many dances that captivated the endless talent through this season but for me nothing could equal the performance of that dance the very first week. That moment was pure magic for more reasons than just one.

I had to laugh because when she hoisted the trophy for a moment she let out a little Deja Vu. That whooooooing like the scene in Dirty Dancing when she and Johnny were on that long tree log over the creek and off-balance let out that same sound. It was a very vivid reminder that though aged she still is that young character Baby in a movie that was supposed to be a flop, but turned out to be one of the most memorable movies in history. Dance schools were never so flooded after it’s release in 87. Another thing Jennifer captured over the last two months that even though Patrick Swayze was no longer here, in her dancing in a way he still was. Because her motivation brought him back to life so much that the viewers when watching her opening first dance and the very last could vision him there with her. And it was more than just magical it was surreal.

Tonight she re-danced These arms of Mine but nothing could have compared to the first because in reality none of us expected that particular number. Jennifer Grey took 2010 and brought us right back to 1987 and we soaked up every single second we could of it. Everything back in its place like it was meant with nobody missing. She performed as two by herself alone as if Patrick and herself were a twosome that danced with Derek. And to me nothing or no one could have beat it or took this moment from either of the three. Bruno Tonioli said it on the very first show, Baby is back where she belongs. She sure is.

Thank you Jennifer, Thank You for allowing us all a chance to go back in time with you when everything and everyone was complete. You showed how long and far you’ve come yet never lost one single spark that lit our imaginations and let them run free. You made the fantasy come true again and you and your new dance partner should be ever so proud of that fact. Derek Hough brought more to this stage this season than he could have ever imagined. He brought back a past we all longed for and made it new all over again to be relived. And both he and Jennifer did exactly that.

Nobody puts Baby in a Corner. Thank God.

Congratulations to both of you.


He was there Jennifer, believe me he was there.


The Winners, Well Earned and Deserved.



You hit the Trifecta Derek! Congrats.

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