Dancing with the Stars or Deceptions?

As I stated on my ” Jennifer Grey Absolutely Awesome! “ blog that I have never been into these types of shows. Reality ones. Other than Survivor. I stopped watching American Idol years ago, like after the first season. Because I understood then that it would never be about who really had the honest to God true talent. I heard singers that had so much depth being voted off because this is a popularity contest of adolescents. Young teeny boppers voting not for true talent or the ability to actually sing, but voting instead of who is the cute guy or gal. Voting in an unworthy individual of what their abilities actually contain.

This year the one and only reason I tuned into Dancing with the Stars was because of Jennifer Grey.

With the loss of Patrick Swayze there was a mystique of could she really dance the way she did in the movie in-which she starred with Swayze. Of course much younger then, could she still have all the right moves going for her. Only then to find out the damage she sustained in a car wreck prior to that Movie even premiering. And when I saw the first song she was to dance to I was floored that they actually chose one from the movie yet I don’t know why that surprised me. But watching it was magic.

A time and place that seemed so familiar like Swayze was guiding her every move. It was a true joy to watch. And face it there were millions tuning in for the same reason. But now this show has taking a disturbing turn. A turn that is a lie.

Voting out Brandy was more a rigged outcome. I’ve got to admit I’m not into today’s Muse of any kind. I’d rather think anybody that reads my blogs knows that. So I have never listened to one song by this artist, in fact don’t know anything about her. But I do know one thing. She can dance and proved it from the seasons beginning. Yet a mediocre Bristol Palin gets to stay in the competition. Again like American Idol it has turned into not about Talent but a cult like entourage voting in an individual because of the cult her mother has created. It defines Delusional.

Some how we took a show about dancing and made it about politics. That is a very sad commentary on today’s world. It certainly shows the wool can be pulled over many of eyes. Now in a Reality Show that’s one thing, but from this comes a frightening thought that our Life isn’t Dancing with the Stars. We unfortunately do not live in such a fairy tale existence. And if people can do this on a TV show, one wonders what destructive votes and decisions lie in an uncertain future. Brandy didn’t deserve to be out of this competition. Somebody who clearly cannot compete with the skills of somebody else who should have but didn’t make the cut as Bristol Palin. Yet she’s still standing and there. How anybody in there right mind could vote for missteps, and at times downright awkwardness instead of for at times flawless performances is beyond me. All I know is this cult is dangerous. People who win competitions win because they honestly deserve it and not because a cult of delusional minds come together to make a point of giving something to somebody totally unworthy of the reward.

Right now even Jennifer Grey knows that is was Brandy that was going to give her the biggest run for every step. But people didn’t vote Brandy out so Jennifer Grey would be a shoe in. No this was a vote of more disturbing proportions for other reasons. It tells you how many distorted views are contained within the minds out there. Completely worthless brainless dribble for a person that didn’t earn the right to stay. It also tells you how many losers there really are in this country right now. For if they will vote for a lie on a TV show, what lie will they vote for next. Brandy isn’t the only unfortunate one here. For we all are going to lose if these distorted lies and delusions are allowed to continue.

Dancing with the Stars has become Dancing with the Deceptions. And that is downright sad. Making somebody think they are worthy when they’re not? How is this helping them? And why did somebody else’s true talent deserve to purposely get trampled on.

Laughter and Blindness at its best. Ignorance seems to be that way.

When this Jennifer Grey’s season is over with, with it will be my views. I think this show will lose many viewers after this ruse. Like American Idol it is so not about the True Talent.

If Grey had lost in the end to Brandy I would have been disappointed but I would have been satisfied that the winner deserved the reward. But what happened Tuesday Night was a Sin of lies. How can Palin relish in that. But it is what it defines.

Total Bullshit and yet people smile and seem happy about it. And this is more than unsatisfactory. In fact its outright sad and pathetic. For if this TV show can be altered like the maneuvered game that it is. Imagine what kind of game for real can be played on all the fools.


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