You can talk about the Obama Presidency All You Want.


We all know damn well who got us in this condition. And who has the task of cleaning it all up.



And this is what some are screaming about.


From WHERE?  And to Whom?


This Idiot?




Now who thought that Obama was the Savior?

It wasn’t Democrats. We knew that 8 years of the most disastrous human being who ever held the office of President and who took this country back to the first Depression, that it was going to take more than just two years to straighten it all out. It was Republicans Hoping that Obama was a Savior. In fact they were hoping for a Miracle after Dumbo left office.

We are lucky if this Chaos Bush created gets fixed in the next 20 years.

Take the Country Back. STFU



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2 responses to “You can talk about the Obama Presidency All You Want.

  1. 204

    Too funny! My fave: Dummy for Dummies…

  2. Longshot

    Actually when I saw the second one I laughed so hard I had to run to the john. And the last one, Discounted Already! 99.99% Off!

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