” Ain’t Gone ‘n’ Give Up on Love” ~ SRV and Double Trouble ~ Blues in the Night

Released in 1985 on the Epic label. Off the Soul to Soul Album.

This live version is from Live Alive released in 1986.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Shannon: Bass
Chris Layton: Drums, Percussion
Reese Wynans: Keyboards, Piano

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, I love Blues that defines Hot, Sultry, Raw, Bump and Grind Muse and Lyrics that sounds like they’re being moaned out. Makes it even more inviting.

I had the fortune of seeing SRV in 87 at the Royal Oak Music Theater. That entire concert (although R.O. acoustics were horrible) was like being in a cloud and realm you wanted to stay in forever. I also will never forget the absolute shock on Aug. 27, 90 hearing about his death on the radio. For the rest of that day SRV blared out of many stations in Detroit. WDET, WEMU and of course the Rock ones. 

I always thought one of the most beautiful compositions SRV ever did was Riviera Paradise but the day he died, WDET featured this song as a in remembrance. And since has haunted me from that day on because it now would be the song I would associate with hearing about his death. As beautiful as it is the flip side will forever be embedded as total sadness.

Be as it may, I still think it’s the most passionate piece of muse played with every and any emotion a person could have expressed.

The funny thing is the song for me defined PEACEFUL. But that was meant for life not in loss.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was a Treasure we lost way too soon as in many other artists that had come along then before we knew it, they were gone. In an interview once he stated Man, Jimi Hendrix was the inventor I’m just the mimic. But when I saw SRV Live in 87, my God how he could have changed your mind. That is one performance I’ll never forget. And after the losses in 70-71 with Hendrix & Duane Allman,  in the 80s we found SRV. Another ingenious guitar player who once again filled the void left by others. Only to lose him as well.

I still think Hendrix is and will forever remain the master of guitar. But through the likes of SRV emerged another generation of guitarists worthy of notice as in Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, and in my mind most notably Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys ( who manages to capture his own true style )  who have all proved they have come from the likes of Hendrix & SRV combined.

So thankfully we have their Muse to get lost into anytime we want.  And what a wonderful realm it is.

It is hard to pick out just one or two favorites from the many works of SRV. But between ” Texas Flood and Ain’t Gone ‘n’ Give Up On Love ”  had to be mine from the earliest of SRV. All I know is that I got two cassettes for Christmas in 1986 by a lady that was like a second mom to me. Live Alive that came out in 86 and Couldn’t Stand the Weather. I wore the Live one out until the tape broke just months into 87. I couldn’t have played it loud enough, long enough or having got into it deep enough.


~ Let the Blues Flow ~

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