June Justice is a Drama Queen and where were all these friends from vigil before this 14 year old killed herself?

Something is not right with this whole story.


Police reports obtained by The Detroit News show both Tarnopolski and Samantha gave statements about her desire to lose her virginity. The girl also told police that ” she had hoped her mother would find out “.


Huron Township police said Justice brought her daughter to the station on Sept. 27, a day after the encounter with Tarnopolski, to file a sexual assault report. At the time it was considered a statutory rape case, meaning the pair had consensual sex but that she was under the age of consent.

Tarnopolski told WJBK that he had sex with Samantha, but it was a “mutual thing.”

Justice also met with school officials and asked to keep the matter confidential, the principal said. Initially, he added, there was no animosity between the two families.

School officials said they were blindsided by the Oct. 18 television report in which Justice criticized administrators for not taking action to protect her daughter.

Before the story aired on WJBK, Justice “was pretty complimentary of us,” Rowe said. “She indicated she wanted to move her daughter to another school, but Samantha wanted to stay here.”

Samantha had not been at school for about two weeks before returning Monday morning with her mother.


On Oct. 18, with her mother at her side, Samantha appeared in a WJBK-TV (Channel 2) report in which she accused Tarnopolski of forcibly raping her — which contradicted her written statement to police.

No matter what article you click onto you’ll see the same thing. He said he thought she was 16. And she thought he was 15. 14,15,16,18 what’s the difference? Before I even watched any video of interview with Joseph Tarnopolskia after this hearing . I thought the same thing. A mother found out her daughter 14 had sex with a boy a few doors down 18, made a Drama out of the whole damn thing. This is what it boils down to. Did Joseph Tarnopolski forcibly rape Samantha Kelly? If she texted him after the sex was over and said what he claims, the answer is no. This wasn’t some 40-year-old man, this was another teenager going to the same school. The thing is the charges were filed and both parties were told not to talk about the case. What does June Justice do, GO TO THE  MEDIA.

With her Mother by her side? Or being dragged there? Something tells me this young girl didn’t want to appear at a TV news station. The mother blames the school, the mother blames the boy, the mother blames the police. Who the Mother needs to blame is HERSELF. The whole world did not need to know all this. She brought that 14-year-old down to a news station and opened the door for what was about to become her worst nightmare. If  Joseph Tarnopolski had violently raped this girl it would be a different story, but that’s the thing. Now we will never know the real story. Talking to a boy a few doors down from where she lived on My Space. Number one is a little strange? When all she had to do is go there. Both in the same school living doors apart. Did they not ever speak in person at all ever? Just once? Only on My Space? And believe me everybody knows everybody ages in school. Man if this had been 1970 the first year of my teenage days, no way two teens in the same school no matter what age having sex would have been a Broadcast News alert. Rape, yes. Just sex, No.

Everything  now is a Drama. I remember when some young woman was smacking her kid in a car a couple of years ago and the Local Newscaster here said this may be hard to watch? I said you have to be kidding. What was so hard about it? So she was slapping the kid on her legs. Maybe her kid was acting up, but did she belong on the News as an abuser?  Hard to watch, after what we went through? Again in the 60s and 70s. We got hit with every single thing within our parents reach. My mother drew blood! Shit our parents would have lived in jail if it was this day and age.

We have three things that’s been wrong with society for decades now. There are no parental rights anymore ( when I was coming up there wasn’t any Child rights ) so if you even yell at your kid it’s considered abuse, let alone belting them. And that is why kids now run wild and all over their parents. Now the word Parent ” S ” is another thing. Too many kids in single parent households mostly because the Mother got her self some sex but not a man to go with it. Way to many females never having got married yet have numerous amounts of kids. And the boys that helped to make them? Key words BOYS.

A Man takes care of what comes out of having sex. A BOY runs.

Finally the parents today as are or more immature than the kids. They can’t take care of themselves much less kids. And what is up with this bullshit of My Space and Facebook. Don’t these people have FRIENDS? I have never been to neither one of these pages. There is nobody I want to encounter there. And this texting crap? I don’t know guess I’m old at 53. I’ve only had a pre-paid cell for two years. When I leave the house I don’t want to talk to anybody. I have it for emergency’s because you can’t find pay phones anymore. If I had to sit every five seconds and push numbers on a small phone I’d go crazy. How much can you talk about to people? Every second of every day, Man go see a doctor.

I do know there’s a 14-year-old girl dead for no reason. OK she had sex, it shouldn’t mean her penalty should have been death for it. If this 18-year-old and her both wanted to engage in sex, than I don’t give a damn about a 4 year age difference. It wasn’t rape. And the Mother seemed to carry this farther than it needed to go. Now there is another individual that’s coming forward. I guess we will hear what this is about in the upcoming days. If this guy is some perverted S.O.B. that forcibly raped girls than jail him. I mean this 18-year-old isn’t a young Richard Gere, the cute remark made? I don’t see it, but then I’m not 14.

We were all a bunch of  hippies hanging in Hines Park in the early 70s. I had a one friend ( 14 )  that would of balled a tree, she was that sex crazy. Some guys were the same age as her but most were older. For the majority of us we just weren’t there for some time. Yes we had crushes, yes we like guys. But we didn’t make appointments to have sex with them. If people were boyfriend/girlfriend they did what they did. I can’t even remember any of us going into details like that. Some girls and guys in school were just like that. Girls starved for attention and too immature to understand that some guy balling them wasn’t attention. To them it was just some piece of ass.  The guys equally as immature because they had to brag about what they did to all the BOYS, and A.H’s that bragged even when nothing happened to brag about. But most of all nobody broad casted it over a loud-speaker. No we didn’t have computers and if we had anything to say to somebody we said it to their faces. Nobody in the neighborhoods I grew up in were scared of using our fists. Talk shit about somebody long enough at some point you would encounter them. When they got the crap beat out of them they didn’t talk shit anymore.

Today’s kids are being brought up like babies and I’ll tell you why. Because their own parents are babies. Nobody knows anymore who the kids are? The parents or the kids. They all act the same. I’m sorry for Samantha Kelly but not for her Mother. She has acted as if she was playing the camera’s all the way with this story. Screaming at the boy are you happy you son of a bitch, she played this to the max. Camera’s rolling the more she acted out. June Justice is a Drama Queen that took her daughters sexual awakening and turned it into a soap opera for all of the world to see. It was completely unnecessary. Even if some else has came forward with a same story. June Justice has nobody to blame for her daughter’s death but herself.

On Oct. 18, with her mother at her side, Samantha appeared in a WJBK-TV (Channel 2) report in which she accused Tarnopolski of forcibly raping her — which contradicted her written statement to police.

That’s right because big-mouthed nutso Momma told her this is the way it was going to be.

Like it was her punishment for no longer being a virgin. The daughter changed the story as far as I’m concerned forcibly by her Mother.

And where in the hell were all these kids now speaking out at vigils and such before this girl killed herself? Maybe if she would have gotten some of this same support prior from people she wouldn’t have felt so all alone. Now there are people and signs and a lot of talking nice about a dead 14-year-old. Again for the Camera’s. Now her Mother can’t bare to go home. Maybe if she plays this up a bit more somebody will give her a new house. But I’m not buying this act. Seems starved for Attention and is getting it. A 18-year-old had sex with a 14-year-old. In 1970 nobody would have cared. And it wouldn’t have been called rape. In 2010 a mentally deranged Mother drags her daughter to a News Station to make sure the whole world knew about it. A school cannot kick somebody out because somebody said something was done. It was already in the police hands. And BTW the kids must be getting more younger, because this 18-year-old looked and acted about 15. Seems we were older then, or at least acted it.

All I know is we had friends in our teenage years. We had actual people to talk to instead of  through computer monitors or by living on phone key boards. And when we were teens if our parents would have suspected sex at 14 years old. I would have been dragged from one end of the house to the other by my hair, but they wouldn’t have ran to the TV news.

Police reports obtained by The Detroit News show both Tarnopolski and Samantha gave statements about her desire to lose her virginity. The girl also told police that she had hoped her mother would find out.

So something terribly wrong with this picture. Hoped her Mother found out? Well she did, but what resulted from it this young girl could have never  seen. Going to a News Station? My God.

If I honestly believed for one second that this 18-year-old forcibly raped this 14-year-old I wouldn’t be writing all this. If anything he’s got to be a very immature kid if he has to make an arrangement to have sex with some girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. The girl was obviously as immature proclaiming she wanted to lose her virginity to some guy she didn’t even know.

Sounds like her household was a little rattled. 

Big Momma has proved that. She knew the camera’s were rolling as all this yelling begun. And My Fox Detroit should be ashamed of themselves for playing out this scenario. Seems they are as starved for a good Jerry Springer show makings as June Justice.

As far as Joseph Tarnopolski,

Grow up son and if you can’t get a girlfriend to have sex with visit a hooker.

The last thing wrote by Samantha Kelly. Well I loved you, did you love me? Sounds like this to the Mother. Wanting her Mother to find out about her having sex sounds like she desperately needed some attention.  And all this Mother could do is selfishly put her daughter on display because it was always about herself.

June Justice must have had other intentions like getting some money out of all this. Sue somebody. So she created a dramatic scenario. Sounds a little bit like the lost boy and balloon story. Samantha Kelly attempted suicide in Oct. by taking pills. Seems to me she should have been in a hospital. This Mother used her daughter to DEATH.

And because of it a 14-year-old took the only way out of this limelight everybody else put her in. And that in itself should be a crime. Enough blame here to go around for everybody. Completely incomprehensible behavior of this lunatic Actress Mother and My Fox Detroit.

In a way this 18-year-old as immature as he is may be right though. All one can do right now is go forward. This Mother did take this too damn far. And My Fox Detroit willingly went along for the ride. Was it worth it?

A lot of things went on at my High School back in the day ( and I’m not talking sex ) and Thank God most of the parents never knew half of what we did. We would have been black and blue on a daily basis. But that would have been the worst of it. They wouldn’t have paraded us in front of news cameras.

This story isn’t about Rape nor Bullying. Because no one was raped. It’s about a twisted sick Mother that couldn’t see a thing but herself. She wanted attention and she got it. At 14-year-old Samantha Kelly’s expense, her daughter. This woman needs to have her 12-year-old son taking away from her. Because she is as whacked as they come.


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