The Spirit, let it Fly Free ~ Vuoi Vuoi Mu , Idjagiedas ~ Mari Boine ~ Song of the Day

Released in 2006. The Album Idjagieđas – In the Hand of the Night

Mari Boine previously Mari Boine Persen is a Norwegian Sami musician. Mari Boine was born in 1956, of North Sami Native Culture, and gave her a heritage which make the her the strong voice of the northern people in Scandinavia. Her childhood was spent in the small village of Gámehhisnjárga, not far from the sami cultural center of Karasjok, Finnmark.(North of Norway).

I discovered this song by pure accident in 2009. I found the Muse Mesmerizing and Tranquil. And find in the more stressful of times if you focus on it hard enough it’s one of those songs that you can lose and find yourself in it. I cannot exactly give you an accurate description but between the beat and in which this song was arranged or orchestrated with what seems to me a song that is precise. It projects something beyond your own thoughts. As in something sought after. Now whether you find it or not?

I’ve always have been intrigued by Indian Ways especially Shamanism. As in America where we robbed them of their own land and tried to scrutinize or separate them from their own culture. And it’s obvious from this Artist that her people were also discriminated against in her part of the world as well.

People talked about Dancing with Wolves, I personally found Thunderheart to be more in-depth with the definition of Spiritual Awakening. In both Native Born Graham Green was exceptional. And I find it amusing that Thunderheart was the very first movie I ever saw Val Kilmer in. It was only befitting he went on to play Jim Morrison who also seemed to seeking that Indian Spirit Realm. Shamans are not a cult as thought of today with all this hoodoo voodoo crap.

Shaman’s are healers of the spirit, mind and body. They do not use magic or sorcery. This stuff is for the insane. They do believe that all gifts come from God and use them as such. They have no relationship to the “occult”.  Indian Culture in this land and obviously as I’ve learned about this Artist from hers goes beyond any time we know. I believe Jesus and the Shaman work together as one and is not the opposite from the other. But people will have to research this for themselves. People fear what they do not know and the judgement that comes from it results in the wars we’ve seen through history.

I watched North of 60 a Canadian show that ran from 1992-97. There was always this in sync feeling I had with the culture and ways. If I would have told that to my Italian and Macedonian Grandmothers when living they would have slapped me across the room. LOL

All I know is what I feel, and this muse is total Peace.

Seek and Enjoy.

Vuoi Vuoi Mu

Vuoi mu gollelottas
Vuoi mu beaiveidjalottas
giehka ja goaskin
Vuoi mu spalfu
Vuoi mu spalfu
miellevuol besiinis
Vuoi mu idjaloddi
ravddahis geahcastagainis
Vuoivuoi mu
Vuoivuoi mu

Vuoivuoi daid iluid
Vuoivuoi daid iluid
Vuoi daid morrasiid
Vuoi daid morrasiid
Vuoivuoi daid buollasiid
Vuoivuoi daid buollasiid
vuoi gesiid mearehis bahkaid
Vuoivuoi mu
vuoivuoi mu

———-Translation in english———–

Vuoi my little yellowbird
Vuoi my summernight bird
cuckoo and eagle
Vuoi my swallow
with nest under riverbanks
Vuoi nighttowl
with limitless vision
Vuoi vuoi me

Vuoi vuoi joy
with hearty laughter
Vuoi sorrow
with oceans of salty tears
Vuoi vuoi frost
winter and cold
Vuoi summer with burning hot days
Vuoi vuoi me

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