To Sparky Anderson from MOTOWN!

That Smile, That Fight, that Fire.

Wednesday Motown got the news that Sparky Anderson was placed under Hospice care for Dementia. Like everyone who watched the news and listened to the stories about him over the years yesterday, something struck me very odd and got me angry. They’re talking about him like he died already. Life and Death can be so damn far apart that nobody knows when your time will be up. New drugs, New science can be a heartbeat away. So I’m not writing his obituary. He’s alive and he’s still here.

Yes it was a shock for all hearing this. I was in tears as I flipped the channels trying to catch anything I could about him. And why? Because this whole town Loves this man. 1984 the team had the talent from out of the starting gate and never looked back. It was almost like magic and things dreams were made out of. But what set that team ablaze was Sparky. There was no city and team that could match the love we’ve had for him. Not even Cincinnati because once you become a Tiger you’re a Tiger for life. And that is how this generous kind hearted man is thought of. Sparky is one of us.

We know what he did for Motown. We know what he did for our Spirit. Raised an endless amount of money for charity. He gave of himself in every respect and spectrum a human being could offer of themselves. He did it with Passion and he did it with Grace. Well he is not gone and I refuse to think of him that way. All day into the evening local Detroit News I watched the endless video’s of that fire when he vivaciously argued with the Umps. And I believe it will be the same fire that will allow Sparky to be here for a lot longer that anybody is anticipating.

Just the mere mention of the word Hospice is enough to bring on the direst of fear and sorrow. Yet there’s not a doctor on earth that can predict anybodies demise. So for right now I’m replacing the word Hospice with Hope. I don’t believe in my heart Sparky’s going anywhere and I want him to hear that and live it. I know two things.

Number one: There is a God

And Number two: We are not him.

Who is to say when anybody is leaving. I know all the stations here were trying to express the love we all have for this man but throughout the entire day and night it sounded more and more as if he had already left us. And it shouldn’t be this way. Let’s still continue celebrating his life as he is among the living. We all love you here in the entire Metro/Detroit area Sparky. And everyone in baseball knows what you accomplished in your life. But you still have some living to do. You will see and hear from many of faces. Family, Friends, and plenty of Fans. Their expression of Love, Hope, and Prayers for the the Fight we know you still have. And every moment of everyday someone will be thinking about you and instead of getting sicker you will remain steady and continue to live. To his family you are not alone ( my Aunt had this ), read up on everything possible that those in the medical profession are breaking through with everyday, and read beyond the medical profession for what they might not know. For tomorrow there may be something else not thought possible.

Never stop seeking.

It’s like fighting with the Umps. Worst that can happen is they throw you out of the game, but just for that game for tomorrow there is a new one. The wins can be ongoing like the “84” World Series when you win it all. Nobody knows. Life and Baseball are played one game and day at a time. There will be double headers where some of them don’t go well, but then there will be plenty of ones where everything that gets hit is right out of the park and you’ll be happy with that infamous smile. You’ve got a lot of people right now with all their heart asking, searching, praying for and planning on your continued celebration of life.

Hang in there, SPARKY. WE LOVE YOU!




You will always be our World Series Champ!

I know you wanna leave me,
but I refuse to let you go

Please don’t leave us, Sparky, don’t you go.

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