A 1950s TV MOM & DAD

One show came out in the middle – late 50s, another one depicted the era.

It just was a simpler time period in America. Certainly not all sugar syrup as portrayed on Leave it to Beaver. I didn’t know anybody that had such warm fuzzy always say and do the right things all the time houses. But there was a time believe it or not where the parents did run their house holds and kids either did what they were told or get belted. And face it it’s why those shows were not only popular in their days but still are today. We wish it was still the 50s where the value of something was worth working for. And the fun that went with the era of real music that it was actually enjoyable to listen and dance to. So the parents portrayed in these 50s era series were the ones we actually wish we had or wanted.

So once again within days the world lost two of their beloved TV sitcom parents.

Barbara Billingsley who played June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver and Tom Bosley who portrayed Mr. C – Cunningham on Happy Days.

Wally and the Beavers Mom, and Richie and Joanie’s Dad. One series ran from 1957-63.  The other 1974-85. I actually couldn’t believe that Jerry Mathers was 9 years old when that show started. I thought he was 5 or 6. I’ve got to admit I don’t remember seeing Billingsley on too much after Leave it to Beaver, only years later when she appeared in Airplane playing a woman that spoke JIVE. That entire movie was a hilarious blast.

But now Tom Bosley had a very full acting life. I remember him most from a movie he did in 1968 with  Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda called Yours, Mine and Ours. Bosley played the Doctor who visited the new home with 18 kids. I always thought he had the best line in that movie when the two youngest children were being dropped off and he said. Have a heart, leave them on somebody else’s doorstep.

I always say Thank God for Film.
Because we really will never be able to lose these Stars. Their memories are carried on through their works. There is always going to be reruns of both of these classic shows. And even though the individuals who played these characters are no longer living among us. The characters themselves will live on forever. So in a way they are still with us.

In a way these TV kids probably feels like they did lose a parent in a way. From what I’ve read and heard Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Ron Howard and Erin Moran adored these people off the set. As probably most of both shows cast who were kids growing up on them.

Barbara Billingsley was 94 years old when she died on the 16th, Tom Bosley left us on the 19th and was 83. Both of these TV icons will be very much missed.

” Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don’ want no help, chump don’t GET da’ help “


So long Mrs. Cleaver and Mr. C. May you both rest in Jesus’s arms. You’ll never be forgotten.

Face it us Baby Boomers RULE!

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