Social Security – Just a Freeze? Wait until it goes Broke. And why? Freeloaders in the form of SSI.

That’s Why.

Social Security was meant for those who paid into it all the years they worked until retirement age.

Normal retirement age as in 62 & 65 years old.

It wasn’t meant for FREELOADERS in the form of SSI. Quacks and Shysters fight to get Alcoholics and Dope Addicts benefits claiming THEIR DISEASES DISABLED THEM FOR EMPLOYMENT.

Diseases? Give me a F’N break. It took these losers a lot of years at working real hard at give themselves the disease of being a DRUNK. And Dope Addicts? Then there are those who claim to be disabled because of a permanent injury which is comedic since these people aren’t to disabled to get high, go on vacation, go hunting. And I’ll save the rest of some details.

This is why Social Security is BROKE and now FROZE.

If you go through the caseloads and caseloads of people collecting SSI for so-called being disabled, to find out what they really spend their money on. Your head would blow apart. I know, believe me I know. An example that I know of personally is 49 years old and has been collecting free money from Citizens Insurance for at least 10 years. For playing I’m completly too disabled to work. Then about 4-5 years ago his shyster fought to get him SSI. So he collects from both. Bad injured back, uh huh. Yes he had surgery years ago, but then so have millions of others and they aren’t living the good life off others money. Only a child lives off others.

Yet this guy worked 3  days a week ( 4-5 hours per ) for 12+ consecutive summers at a concession stand. The last day being May 1st of this year. He calls it volunteering. It is for a city’s sports youth program.

He claims he did it all for free as in NO PAY. If you really think he did this for free get your head examined. Nevertheless whether pay can be proved or not, over a couple of thousand pairs of eyeballs saw this guy working that stand all these years. Bent over a window, lifting cases of water, pop, Gatorade, bending, twisting, turning. That my friends is CALLED PROOF YOU CAN WORK PAY OR NO PAY.

Shit my back hurts, half of America’s backs hurt. But we don’t get free money because of it.


The doctors that declared him to disabled to work and the lawyers that help to rip off the Ins. Companies and the Federal Government should be held accountable as well.

They claim their Patient/Client can never work again. Then that Patient/Client goes out and claims they volunteered (not worked) for years and did it out of the goodness of their heart. Save it. You worked, people saw you work for 12+ years.

And WORK defines ability.

But this is the real reason why Social Security has gone broke. Giving it in the form of SSI to people who don’t deserve a dime and are committing fraud. And like I stated, the Doctors that go along with all this should be locked up in prison with their so-called disabled patients. It is no different then Medicaid Fraud. When you claim you are too disabled to work and collect money from not just one source but the Government as well. I suggest you don’t go to a Public Park and Work at a concession stand where over 12 years worth of people watched you do so. Because all those people pay for your fraud as well.

If your claim is it was all for FREE, so nobody can say it was work. You’re an Imbecile.


Somebody DISABLED cannot work PERIOD. Voluntarily or otherwise. For Free or Pay.  

Just to be crystal clear. Some people are literally sick , disabled and deserving, but some people need to be followed by the Government to see exactly what they in fact can and are doing. Then it’s time to act as in arrests and trials to make these frauds pay back what they stole from everyone. Social Security was not meant for people in their 30s. And no money should of ever came out of the Social Security System to create SSI.  It should of been funded for what it is, WELFARE.

People are fighting Mandatory Drug and Alcohol tests for WELFARE for this reason. Why should SSI be considered an alright form to dole out free money?

But in 1995 a new law took affect. ANOTHER JOKE.

Page 62

Representative payees.-Supplemental Security Income recipients whose drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor material to their disability are required to have their benefits paid to representative payees responsible for managing their finances. Under the new law, beginning 180 days after enactment (or by February 11, 1995) new Disability Insurance beneficiaries whose substance abuse is a contributing factor material to their disability will be notified that they too will be required to receive payments through a representative payee, beginning with the first benefit check. For such DI beneficiaries already on the rolls, this requirement will become effective the month following the month of notification.

Preference is to be given to Social Service agencies or to Federal, State, or local government agencies as representative payees for DI and SSI substance abusers, unless SSA determines that a family member would be more appropriate.Treatment and suspension for noncompliance.-Payments to SSI beneficiaries whose substance abuse is material to their disability are limited to a maximum of 36 months. Payments to DI beneficiaries are also limited to 36 months, but this period begins only with the first month for which treatment is available, and only those months in which treatment is available are count- ed as months in the 36-month period. The payment limit will not apply to individuals who are disabled independent of their alcoholism or drug addiction at the close of the 36-month period. Also, the payment limitation will automatically expire effective October 1,2004.

During the 36-month period, SSI and DI beneficiaries whose disabilities are based in whole or in part on drug addiction or alcoholism will be required to undergo appropriate substance abuse treatment, if available, at approved facilities. The Secretary of HHS is required to establish a referral and monitoring agency for each State, which will identify appropriate placements for DI and SSI substance abuse recipients, refer them to treatment, monitor compliance, and report failures to comply to the Secretary. Benefits are to be suspended for noncompliance with treatment for both DI and SSI substance abusers, beginning the month after SSA sends notification of noncompliance. Benefits may be reinstated only after demonstrated compliance with treatment requirements for specified periods of a minimum of 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months, respectively, for the first, second, third, and additional instances of noncompliance. Suspension of benefits for 12 consecutive months for noncompliance will result in termination of benefits. Medicare, Medicaid, and dependents’ benefits will continue as long as a terminated beneficiary continues to be disabled and otherwise eligible (that is, after the 36-month payment limit).


 So they give the money to a family member who probably also has a Booze or Dope habit. Or maybe their LAWYER.

Who in the world allowed such irresponsible behavior to be rewarded with PAY? And with how many cases of these types in the USA, there are not enough Government employees to investigate squat. You work so others can Drink and Dope.


On Page 63.

Provisions to Combat Program Fraud

An area that has captured the attention of the Administration and Congress is a substantial increase in program fraud and abuse. In some cases, it appears that translators for immigrant applicants act not merely as interpreters, but as coaches who prepare immigrants to allege mental impairments related to previous, usually war-related, stress and then present their cases in a uni- form manner calculated to maximize apparent eligibility. This problem appears to have been most serious among applicants from Southeast Asia who may speak languages for which SSA can rarely provide its own bilingual employees or interpreters. This has made it difficult to directly assess the credibility and consistency of allegations of impairment.Effective October 1, 1994, the new legislation expanded the authority of SSA to prevent, detect, and terminate fraudulent claims for OASDI and SSI benefits as follows:

Requiring third-party translators to certify under oath the accuracy of their translations, whether they are acting as the applicant’s legal representative, and their relationship to the applicant.

Authorizing civil penalties to be imposed against third parties, medical professionals, and OASDI beneficiaries and SSI recipients who engage in fraudulent schemes to enroll ineligible individuals in these programs, or who commit other program-related fraudulent acts. In addition, medical professionals may be barred from participation in Medicare and Medicaid.

Treating SSI fraud as a felony.

Clarifying SSA’s authority to reopen OASDI and SSI cases where there is reason to believe that an application or supporting documents are fraudulent, and to terminate benefits expeditiously in cases where SSA determines that there is insufficient reliable evidence of disability.

Requiring the Inspector General to notify SSA immediately about OASDI and SSI cases under investigation for fraud, and requiring SSA to reopen immediately such cases where there is reason to believe that an application or supporting documents are fraudulent, unless the U.S. Attorney or equivalent State prosecutor determines that doing so would jeopardize criminal prosecution of the parties involved.

* Requiring SSA to obtain and utilize, to the extent it is useful, pre-admission immigrant and refugee medical information, identification information, and employment history compiled by the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the Centers for Disease Control when developing SSI claims for aliens.

Requiring SSA to submit an annual report to the House

Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee on the extent to which it has reviewed OASDI and SSI cases, including the extent to which the cases involve a high likelihood or probability of fraud.


Again a joke. There are so many doing exactly this and nothing is being done. And forget the immigrant part of this. We have enough American Freeloaders and Losers committing fraud with the help of Doctors and Lawyers here. But as one saying goes, “Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.”

People need to start screaming about the Dopers, Drunks and the Very Able to work People but Don’t, collecting THEIR Social Security benefits. And REPORT FRAUD.

So Social Security Freeze? Wait until it goes completely broke.

Social Security was meant for those who paid into to it, not for irresponsibility of Dope Addicts, Drunks and Frauds to collect it until it goes broke.


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One response to “Social Security – Just a Freeze? Wait until it goes Broke. And why? Freeloaders in the form of SSI.

  1. Longshot

    Yes, this completes the Irony of the story. Google places an AD for FREE GOVERNMENT PHONES. And then for SHYSTERS to ask Are You Eligible for Benefits?

    Eligibility is that YOU ARE ON WELFARE.
    So another reward paid by the Government for Bad Behavior. Don’t want to work HEY WE WILL GIVE YOU THE WORLD. FOOD, MEDICAL, RENT, UTILITIES AND NOW FREE PHONES!

    Well case and example I guess. Those of us that write blogs on WordPress don’t have a say on the ADS Google decides to place on our blogs. They just do it.


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