Pinnacle Race Course Merry Go Round ~ I knew I had heard all this before.

Tom Gantert going in circles on his now SERIES? LOL

Usually when a Journalist sets out to write on a particular subject matter or decides to do a SERIES ( Funny the first episode didn’t state that ? ). For the most part it has a clear purpose and some clarity. But in the Right Wing propaganda machine. The issue at hand that he’s writing on seems to be going in circles. Seems this is where we started? And of course there is that same Editors Note on each episode. Agenda thus Motive. Gantert doesn’t care anything about his subject matter. He just sets out to endlessly pound the same point over and over again. I know one thing I don’t know how many parts this novel has for it seems quite short in substance. This will be my last one paying any notice.

Gantert message is clear, he doesn’t like Pinnacle Race Course for what ever reasons. So therefore I give you his last ( minus his editor’s note of trashing something that obviously bugs him that has more power than him ). But when you get to the end you’ll understand we’ve all been here before as in Deja Vu. For Tom Gantert words could of been copied from Bill Shea’s Articles on PRC from August.

In fact they are IDENTICAL.  Talk about Plagiarism.

Text of Wayne County Commission’s concerns about Pinnacle Race Course Posted 8/25/2010 1:43 PM EDT on

And I will follow up and repeat my same answer to Gantert as I did to Shea. But at least my words are my own.

State economic development czars trusted the job projections provided by horse race track seeking special tax treatment

By Tom Gantert | Oct. 7, 2010

Prior to issuing millions of dollars in special tax favors to a race course, the state’s flagship economic development corporation “sweetened” its offer to Post It Stables because of all the jobs the project was projected to create.

Job projections that companies submit to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation are seldom on target, causing one state senator to say the job creation numbers are “an absolute disconnect with reality.”

Is the MEDC giving away taxpayers’ dollars to companies based on bloated job estimates? The MEDC didn’t respond to e-mails seeking comment.

An e-mail obtained involving the negotiations between the MEDC and Post It Stables for the Pinnacle Race Course in Huron Township shows that state officials may have believed the hype about job creation. That’s problematic because a state Auditor General report and a Mackinac Center study found that only about 3 of 10 new jobs that companies project will be created actually come to fruition.

The Mackinac Center received more than 500 pages of documents involving the Pinnacle Race Course in a Freedom Of Information Act request. The track is eligible for up to $48 million in tax incentives over 30 years.

The documents in the FOIA give a rare glimpse into the inside workings of tax breaks many companies from Michigan are receiving. The e-mails show that the MEDC relies on the company to provide job projections.

On Aug. 12, 2008, MEDC official Mark Morante wrote: “Mr. Epolito, in consultation with the Leadership Team, has decided to sweeten our offer to Post-It in recognition of it being a really good tourism deal but that our tourism mega credit cannot accurately reflect all the jobs that the project will be directly creating.”

James Epolito was then the CEO of the MEDC.

It’s not clear how the deal was sweetened or how much money the track got via its job creation estimates. The MEDC considers tax information private and the amount of money the company received in tax credits was blocked out in the documents.

Pinnacle Race Course has struggled financially. Wayne County officials say it has liens against it. Huron Township officials say the track hasn’t paid it taxes for all of 2009 and the summer of 2010. An official for a lobbying organization for horse racing said they have spent more than $1 million to keep the track open.

The MEDC press release stated the project would create 71 new jobs at the race track. Huron Township Supervisor Elke Doom said she thinks there may be as few as 30 full time jobs at the track from her observations. Track officials and the MEDC haven’t released how many jobs projects create after the projections are trumpeted in press releases.

“This is really an expensive game used by the political class to create an illusion they are creating jobs,” said Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative at the Mackinac Center.

LaFaive said the MEDC doesn’t seem to understand incentives they have created for a company to inflate its job creations projections when dealing with an organization looking to subsidize it.


Wasn’t this all covered in the First and Second Part?

So we seem to have Identical Twins here, or one playing off the other. And they call themselves Journalists?

Well at least the Motive have been well defined. Taken out of the same play book from Ed Boike, Shea of Crain’s Detroit, Detroit Casino’s, Hazel Park Raceway, Northville Downs and now Gantert.

Let us get Pinnacle Race Course out of the way. Not so fast BOYS. Your Gang Bang is just way too obvious. No wonder Gantert had nothing to really add in part 4 of this so-called SERIES of his. Just more of the same repeats as 1,2 or for that matter in Aug. by another writer. Just different flesh.

I wonder who will be next on the list? Ahhhhh the smell of money! That’s not called Journalism Boys, that’s called a PAY OFF.

Well I’m not even going to give you even the tiniest of excerpts in response. You see I don’t like repeating myself. And I certainly don’t copy others already written scripts.

I deal with FACTS. And my response was already given. They are here for the Answers to the useless points both Shea and Gantert tried to conger up about Pinnacle’s promised jobs yet both eluding to the WALL caving in and Crashing two years ago in America. Very Convenient but not even remotely convincing.


More problems for Pinnacle Race Course. Governor Granholm should be happy.


So this is about the size of Tom Gantert’s brain. Copying Bill Shea’s ( of Crain’s Detroit )  same rant. And all of it wreaks of the same stink. People out there scared to death of Pinnacle Race Course Future Capabilities. That’s really the reason the same old rant keeps getting repeated, only they keep bringing in different players that want to call themselves journalists but are in fact just Ploys that have been hired.

Hell I wonder what the price is on one of these. I’m writing all this not on anybodies payroll. I’m starting to feel cheated!

Bill Shea & Tom Gantert two puppets on a string taking turns going NOWHERE FAST!

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