Blues of the Century ~ ” Loan Me a Dime ” ~ Boz Scaggs – Duane Allman & Co.

Written by Fenton Robinson in 1967

Released in 1969 by Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs- vocals and guitar
Duane Allman – dobro and slide
Eddie Hinton, Jimmy Johnson – guitars
Barry Beckett – keyboards
David Hood – bass
Roger Hawkins – drums
Gene “Bowlegs” Miller – trumpet and trombone
Joe Arnold – tenor sax
James Mitchell – baritone sax

I have said for 40 years if there was a song I’d ever want to hear as my life concludes on this earth it is this one. For the song rang out and just kept on going like telling a life story that in reality was just too good to end. So all they could do is fade out the Muse as it kept on playing otherwise it would have never ended.

Like a life hoping to pick up where it left off only into a better place.

For a debut album from Scaggs this one was a Packed Powerhouse of Musicians just letting it all ride.

Blues wasn’t meant to get any better, but then blues is an inner feeling that sits within the depths of the heart and gets played out from the soul whether instrumentation or vocals. And ” Loan Me a Dime ” is just one example of that particular life’s expression.

I’ve heard many of blues. But this is still the one I want to leave by when that time comes. In Sept. of 1970 we lost a Master in Jimi Hendrix, but a little over a year later we lost his Shadow. Duane

This is the Blues.

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