Or Al Qaeda,

They were called ” SOUTHERN “.    


All born and bred from the south. As Ignorant, as Twisted, as Sick, as Hateful and as Dangerous. But to only one or two groups of people. The main group these terrorists left hanging from trees all over the South. Funny back then in the beginning no outcries at all were heard. Thank God though finally from the North those voices and marches were raised. And my Lord how the South resisted and fought.    

And they killed to keep their tradition alive.    



A poem written by a Jewish high school teacher from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol aka Lewis Allan gave Billie Holiday what would turn out to be one of her most prolific songs that came from what the eyes had seen and the soul experienced and transcribed them into Strange Fruit.

It was and still is a realization that some don’t want to compare to what has been happening since the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 and the ultimate final one on 9-11 to our own History here. But why can’t you compare them?    

What is so different other than the fact that the Crazed Jihadist’s, Fanatical Islamists and Taliban attacks killed more people in a larger scale in fewer venues, Thank God. Or that the KKK killed probably a 1,000 times that amount over a period of 70 or 80 years. Most one at a time. But how many were there? What was the final count? More importantly who was even counting? We look at Muslim’s and may think,    


Yet they may look at us and think,    


And who can tell anybody what the damn difference is?    


Only our Terrorists have been doing the Killing of our Americans for far longer.    

The Taliban proclaim this is a HOLY WAR. They fight and Kill in the name of ALLAH!    

And our Home Bred Terrorists Proclaimed?    

What a sad sick and twisted image. And you say you can’t compare the two?    

You need some reevaluation of your thought process. Why one thinks a decapitation, exploding bombs, or airplanes is worst than a hanging is beyond me. They all equal the same Identical thing. Murder and Death. It doesn’t make a difference to the ones who died in this manner. Both as dead as the other. Some people here just want to see things from a different set of colored glasses, as in a particular color of skin back in time didn’t really matter.    

Two completely different groups of crazies? Or sadly our Crazy Group just never got classified as Terrorists. Yet that is exactly what they were and still are.     



No, we had Terrorists alright.  The fact is both groups whether you think so or not are IDENTICAL TWINS.  

With no difference at all.


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