Another Hollywood Great gone. Tony Curtis

Sadly they say they go in threes. Especially in the Entertainment Business. Sometimes fours and fives. All I know is that my Parents Generation is ever so quickly going. Eddie Fisher -82 on Sept. 22, Gloria Stuart on Sept. 26 who was a 100 years old. Grace Bradley a 1930s Actress died on her 97th birthday Sept. 21. And now 85 year old Tony Curtis died last night.

One Handsome Man.


Who made about 120 Movies over his Career.

My personal Favorites were Sweet Smell of Success ( 57 ) Opposite Burt Lancaster, Operation Petticoat (1959) with Cary Grant, the Defiant Ones (58) with Sidney Poitier and hell take your pick out of numerous ones through the sixties.

The Characters he played in the Dramas were dire come through the screen acting, and he did them convincingly. Sidney Falco had to be a hard character to play but he played him so well that you hated him. And that is what he was supposed to have you do by time that movie was done.

Another reason for me to like Curtis he served in the Navy in WWII. So did my Dad.

So another Great gone from the very big screen days when the price of the tickets should have been more than today. That’s how much greater the movies were back then. And Sadly it will be a very sad day when all the great Actors, Singers and Entertainers from my Parents generation are indeed gone. They just don’t have actual STARS anymore. The Glamor has been long gone from Hollywood for years, and this morning a Man who added that Glamor to those days has passed.  Thank God for the Movies he left behind for future generations to Enjoy. Some could even take an Acting Lesson by watching them.



Last week we lost a 1950s Singing Icon, This week a Movie one. Both were STARS.

And will be missed.




In an Update:

Memorial service for actor Curtis set for Monday

The Curtis family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Shiloh Horse Rescue, which rescues “abused, unwanted, neglected, and slaughter bound horses of all types,” the actor’s manager Mike Einfeld said.

I can’t think of a more worthy cause. Even more Respect for this Legendary Actor.

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