Head Count Day in Detroit for Public School kids. And Target’s Store plans to give out $20k rewards in gift cards to otherwise LOW LIFE PARENTS.

These are the type of stories that ENRAGE me. Rewarding despicable behaviour.

This was on every local news channel Tuesday as if it was a good thing.

Reward irresponsible parents who have school age children to actually be in school. Wednesday Sept. 29, 2010 is Head Count day for the Detroit Public Schools. This count is imperative because it determines the funding Detroit will receive based on how many kids are literally in school.

So these days they have created incentives for STUPID Parents to make sure their kids go to school. Is this a JOKE?

How about showing your kids your fist? That’s all it took me and my friends when we were coming up in the 60s-70s to go to school. Nobody gave our parents or us a thing. No problem getting us to school in Detroit. Wednesday Target’s is randomly going to give away $20,000 in Gift Cards. There is going to be free breakfast & free lunch. Hey and FREE PIZZA & ICE CREAM. Now Everybody Likes Pizza & Ice Cream, I know I always did!

But nobody gave them to me free or because I showed up at school. Face it this is a slap in the face for every good parent that makes sure their kids are in school EVERYDAY. This program of giving free this and that out on a specific day only rewards the parents who need a good kick in the ass daily. The Lazy, the too Doped, Drunk, Whoring or whatever parents that don’t know where their own brains are let alone where their kids are. All this does is teach the school children in Detroit somebody should reward them for showing up to school. And furthers bad and irresponsible behaviour to the parents who need to be rewarded for making sure Junior or Juniorette shows up one day. Hell Thursday they can go back to ditching for all their parents care. RIGHT?

Just say Right.

It’s to bad Target doesn’t hand out cards on NON head count days, and walk up to a parent and present them a free Gift Card because they make sure their kids are in school Every Day. I understand Detroit’s need to do this, it’s about funding. But you would then think the parents who Rattle and Rant about the poor shape of the schools in Detroit would also rant about the trash that doesn’t care if their kid ever show up, as long as they are out of their parents faces. So they can Dope, Drink and Whore.

Today these kids have too many battles taking place to even expect to learn a thing. Between school violence and dodging bullets, also too many of them come from usually a one parent household because all Momma could do is get a penis instead of a Man attached to that penis. That is reality. The is no Man Figure to be found in their homes, and the kids run all over Momma. You have girls that never matured into grown acting like adult women, and boys that think because they can make a baby also makes them a Grown Man when they are anything but. 12 year olds going through puberty can get erections but that doesn’t determine Manhood. When you can both financially support and have a presence in what your penis produces, then you can call yourself a man. Because that what a Man does, he doesn’t make babies and run away like a Boy. But then Boys will be Boys and usually they’ll be them forever.

Today there is absolutely no guidance for any of these kids, so their School System I guess does the only thing it knows how to get the funding the kids who do show up in school everyday get the funding they deserve. Even if it rewards the parents who they know are Garbage for a day. But it is still infuriating. How about giving these gift cards out to a single parent who has a job and works everyday and has instilled good behaviour into their children who go to school. Because these are the parents who are up and awake dropping their kids off at school before they go to work. All Target is going to do Wednesday is hand out free gift cards to the Welfare Parents. Both Mothers and Fathers, who are never up and awake because they don’t want any job to go to. Kids that don’t show up for school are mostly children of a Lazy incompetent parent. And personally find the whole Idea of handing out free things, breakfast, lunch, pizza, ice cream and gift cards to make sure these are in school on head count day is ludicrous. The parents should be making sure their kids are there everyday otherwise GO TO JAIL.

And if the Parent works and can’t be in two places at once, on their jobs and making sure their kids don’t ditch school. Well hey then I say to these always absent kids there is always Juvenile Hall or Boot camps.

All I know is in my day if our parents got calls from the school saying your son or daughter wasn’t in school today, you had either better be home literally sick or when they got done with you, you would have been sick. As in getting beat up black and blue. Now days Parents aren’t even allowed to yell at their children let alone hitting them, it’s called verbal abuse and just plain abuse.


We would get ear-piercing screams, shouting, yelling while we were getting beat up. We could have hollered bloody murder, but back in the 60s the cops would joined in. With our Parents, not us.

So incentives to go to school? All we had to do is look at our parents faces getting mad, and we went running to the school as in a shelter. Free Gift Cards, Pizza, Ice Cream my ass. How about a good old-fashioned ass kicking if we didn’t go to school. That is the PARENTS of TODAY’S FAULTS.


So now they act worse than the kids. And the schools and cops deal with it all.

I say let the parents go back to disciplining their children. Not beating them bloody just because they can as in total abuse. I’m talking letting Parents be PARENTS, and letting the kids today understand that the Parents are the boss. Because if your teaching these kids by bribing their parents and them, what the hell is the lesson in that? Don’t do anything in life unless people are willing to give you free stuff? I believe this is called turning to CRIME as being Robbing Thieves?

So screw the incentives to go to school for just a pacific day, and screw rewarding these low life scum parents. These kids should be in school everyday, and if they’re not. Then let the law handle these parents accordingly as in I’d be knocking on the Parents doors with hand cuffs awaiting them. Instead of Gift Cards from Target, let them get their free rewards as in breakfast’s, lunches and dinners in jail. Sometimes you have to make Parents who still act as if they are the children into growing up. If this is the only way so be it.

Truancy wasn’t excepted in my Parents day or Mine. Why is it now?

No free anything to go to school, only your Mother ( because my Dad was already at work at 6:00am ) screaming at you better get up or else? You didn’t want to see what the or else was. You took your ass to school plain and simple. Today it’s the Parents that need the ass kicking.

Target may be committed to helping Detroit Schools, but how about getting the Parents to be committed? This money they are giving could go straight into school programs, instead of rewarding lazy Parents for getting their kids to go to school for just head count day. But Target isn’t a saint for giving this money out. Seems they’re in trouble for improperly disposing hazardous materials in California.

Next year figure out another way of getting kids in school, as in locking up their parents if they’re not. Or if their parents are working locking up the kids asses. PROBLEM SOLVED.

I’m just wondering what the head count will be Thursday?

That is what should be of great concern, not the day before when you’re bribing good for nothing parents.

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