Pinnacle Race Course Pays Water Bill. But on the property itself, If Huron Township had any sense?

HURON TWP: Pinnacle pays $33,000 water bill to avoid shutoff

In reality the HBPA paid the bill.

Published: Monday, September 20, 2010

By Anne Sullivan

HURON TWP. — A $33,000 water bill Pinnacle Race Course owed to the township’s water authority was paid, Township Treasurer Linda Spangler said.

By paying the water bill, Post-It avoided a water shutoff Wednesday.

But race course owner Post-It Stables of Jackson still owes about $1.46 million in taxes from 2009, and did not meet Tuesday’s deadline for paying a $560,000 2010 tax bill, she said.

Property owners can pay their taxes in the township until mid-February. The bill is accruing a 1 percent penalty until it is paid, and that fee is assessed each month, Spangler said.

If taxes are not paid at the township by then, they will have to be paid at the county, she said.

Members of the township’s Joint Pinnacle Aeropark Study Committee met Monday and had many questions but still no answers regarding the racetrack.

They were hoping to meet with county officials to get answers about the Pinnacle property, but no county representatives were at the meeting.

Committee members will prepare a list of their questions and concerns and Supervisor Elke Doom will forward them to the county.

The Pinnacle racetrack is on 320 acres owned by Post-It Stables.

The site had been owned by Wayne County and was in a land bank, and did not have to pay taxes. The land was sold to Post-It Stables in 2008 for $1.

At that time, it came out of the land bank and the new property owner should have begun paying property taxes. But there was a mix-up in how the land was recorded and it was not fully taxed in 2009.

The owner is set to meet with the township’s Board of Review in December about the 2009 tax bill.

On April 28, Post-It sold about seven acres of the property to the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of the Chippewa Indians for $179,000.

Committee members rehashed concerns about discrepancies in the land description; what would be developed on the property, which is in a SmartZone; and concerns that the development won’t fit the criteria for a SmartZone.

A SmartZone is a state classification for land designated for hi-tech development. It is within a Local Development Finance Authority and enables the community to capture tax increases on qualified buildings within the authority.

The captured tax money then is to be used for improvements within the authority boundaries.

A racetrack does not meet the criteria for SmartZone development


They were hoping to meet with county officials to get answers about the Pinnacle property, but no county representatives were at the meeting. ????????

Wasn’t this suppose to be Ed Boike’s orchestrated Show?

But what he didn’t show up? WHY NOT?

Look this property was in a NOBODY WANTED TO BE BOTHERED WITH IT 

” ZONE “.

Ed Boike backed by hidden individuals with agenda’s fueled this entire Pinnacle Race Course Land Deal witch hunt. As soon as it was announced that The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians buys parcel of land from Pinnacle.


As I already stated in the above Blog, but I’ll reiterate it for the slow.

That would precipitate Proposal 1 ( wouldn’t need a vote by voters to build a Casino ), would not need anymore Petitions to over turn Proposal 1. Detroit would not have any say so on what could be built on this land. And the Harness tracks could only watch and sob.

Does Huron Township really want to UNDO the best thing that’s came your way in decades? Ed Boike started doing a War Dance and got  Huron Township all riled up, and for what? Jerry Campbell didn’t sell that parcel to gain a lousy $179,000. I say lousy, because that amount will be a spit in the bucket to what will come Huron Township’s way if they just really understood and comprehended all this. So you want that land deal killed with the Indians, Right? And what does that gain you?

I’ll tell you what it will gain you, NOTHING, ZERO that’s what. There are people out their on their knees praying that Jerry Campbell will never be able to pay the owed taxes and Wayne County takes the land back. It’s not about a $1.00 turned into $179,000. It is about putting in place a Casino that could do nothing else but ENRICH Huron Township, that’s if they get off their brains. Talk about NOT A SMART ZONE.

Yes the Tribe paid $179,00 to Pinnacle. If you kill this land deal you in fact put a gun to your own head and that’s the most foolish and idiotic thing you could do.

Because I’ll tell you right now, you take the land back and demand some price you think the land is worth to put the Casino there. The TRIBE will tell you to take a flying leap. And who will that hurt besides Pinnacle?

YOU, HURON TOWNSHIP/NEW BOSTON, that’s who. You are doing the same damn thing Livonia did and Governor Granholm is doing  now at present. Not only looking a gift horse in the mouth but slaying the horse to boot. But understand when you slay that Horse you Slay yourself in the process.

Right Now, MGM, Greektown, Motor City, Hazel Park Raceway & Northville Downs are praying you stop this land deal. Because for the third time explained, SOVEREIGN LAND doesn’t need a State wide vote or overturning a Proposal to build a Casino at the corner of Pennsylvania and Vining Road. And THEY ARE SCARED. It will hurt their businesses. But for Huron Township THAT IS A GOOD THING. A way Beyond a Good Thing.


Obviously not. You let Ed Boike twist your brains around making you think this is all about someone making $179,000 off of a $1.00 land deal. When IT DIDN’T HAVE  ONE SINGLE THING TO DO WITH WHAT REALLY TOOK PLACE OR WHY IT HAPPENED. It is anything but that.

Yes, Campbell must pay taxes on his property I agree. But attempting to kill the Indian Tribe deal is you bring on your worst fate. Huron Township will be robbing itself of the best thing that has come their way ever.

So, Committee members rehashed concerns about discrepancies in the land description; what would be developed on the property, which is in a SmartZone; and concerns that the development won’t fit the criteria for a SmartZone.

My Lord the Insanity of this sentence. It is a SMART ZONE, BUT THE DEVELOPMENT WON’T FIT THE CRITERIA  FOR A SMART ZONE???


ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY??? Or really that Naive?

You think NOW, that selling a parcel of this land that NOBODY has wanted for all the years it has sat there. Is worth GOLD. But did anyone approach you before Jerry Campbell did to Develop it? No NO ONE DID. But he took the chance, then the Country’s Financial Disaster collapsed the entire USA. So now some little man named Ed Boike started to jump up and down. No Deal, No Deal. Foul Ball, They Bought Land For A Dollar, They Sold a Piece for $179,000. Whaaaaaa, Whaaaaa, Whaaaaaa. Look what Campbell did, Look at what he did. He played us, He screwed us, He, He, He……………………..

I’ll tell you what HE did.

He did what was the only recourse that Michigan Left him with, dissolving the ORC and placing us under Gaming and then them Slaughtering our Racing meet to 3 lonely little days. After all why would The Michigan Gaming Control Board want to oversee and govern HORSE RACING? When all this four member board had to deal with was Casino’s. And that was enough for them. No people Horse Racing was not meant to be put under Gaming unless you were trying to KILL IT OFF FOR GOOD. And personally I don’t think some in our State are in cahoots with the Casino’s. I KNOW THEY ARE.

There was a reason why Dan Adkins didn’t put one single provision protecting Live Racing, Purses, Simulcasting or Contracts with MHHA or HBPA into that Petitions language of his. The boys he works for are tired of the Horse Racing business. They wanted a CASINO PERIOD. And with no provisions for Live Racing, just a Casino is what they would have had. And Northville Downs the same. Only one Track Owner cared about the Industry he was apart of, and that is THOROUGHBRED HORSE RACING.

Yes the Horsemen fight with Jerry Campbell and with good reason. It is they who have made this entire 2010 meet happen. It is their money funding Pinnacle. And yes it’s more than a little aggravating when you sit and wait for money to be handed over to the MGCB for the ransom they demanded or they would shut the meet down, then decide to tell the HBPA now you have to pay the water bill or the meet still will have to shut down.

But being Horsemen/Women all of the same Breed. WE FIGHT. That is our Business, not yours.

But when the likes of an Ed Boike who is guided by who knows who starts ranting on something or a subject matter he pretends he doesn’t comprehend. Then both He and Huron Township get us as a whole package. Campbell’s and Company, as in the Entire Thoroughbred Industry.  Horsemen/Women and all. You see we can tell his and her ass off,  BUT YOU CAN’T. Not unless you’re doing it for a very valid reason. And Huron Township making a Statement,

”  Committee members rehashed concerns about discrepancies in the land description; what would be developed on the property, which is in a SmartZone; and concerns that the development won’t fit the criteria for a SmartZone. ‘

These couldn’t be anymore of a set of Contradictory words if you tried.

You want the land back?  Take it. 

A Casino won’t fit the criteria for a SMART ZONE? They are not High Tech enough? Tell that to Las Vegas. Kill the deal and in reality you will get SQUAT and the land will sit as empty as it was before Jerry Campbell took the risk to build a Race Track onto that property. That parcel being sold had nothing to do with getting it for a BUCK and selling it for a measly $179,000. It was about getting something SET IN STONE that couldn’t be overturned. And yes no doubt whatever deal took place it would definately benefit Pinnacle. And that is what this is really about and has Ed Boike, Tyner, Hartman, Carlo, Karoub, MGM, Greektown and Motor City’s bowels in a twist.


But Huron Township Benefits as well.

You already have in place what could bring you Revenue in by the wheelbarrows, many many wheelbarrows. LOTS.

If you’re just wise enough. Livonia took their already SMART ZONE, a Track that Made Livonia a city The Detroit Race Course. And begged for it to be gone. Idiot’s didn’t realize the Revenue from DRC would be gone with it too. Not even two years passed after the demise of DRC was Livonia crying BROKE. As in LAD-BROKE. They got exactly what they begged for.

You better research what you’re indeed trying to kill here Huron Township. Because if a Casino doesn’t fit your so-called criteria of something HIGH TECH, you better have your heads examined.

Ed Boike put a pistol in your hand, but instead of playing Russian Roulette as in one bullet. He has made sure the gun is fully loaded. It’s not take a chance that you won’t get the bullet. You kill Pinnacle Race Course and a deal with an Indian Tribe that could make you rich. And there’s no way you can avoid the bullet.  So you die right along with Pinnacle. Now that would make the group mentioned very happy, but what in the hell will it do for you?

If you’re talking paying taxes I wholeheartedly Agree with you. But when you start questioning why that Land Deal really took place or what is was really about. You had better do your research and do it thoroughly. Because right now you have even more to lose than us. You just don’t understand the ramifications of  it yet. You need to fully comprehend it all, because you and only you hold the key to Huron Township’s future. There are those that want you to shoot yourself because it will help them. But it sure as hell won’t help you.

You’ll be as dead as us and you won’t have a soul to blame but yourselves. For you will have been the lone gunman that pulled your own trigger.

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