Jennifer Grey Absolutely Awesome!

I’ve got to admit I’m not a Dancing with the Stars kind of person. Outside of news I don’t watch much TV. And outside of Survivor, I cannot stand reality shows. But tonight after watching the Promo’s for the last couple of weeks knowing Jennifer Grey was going to be apart of this season. I was actually looking forward to watching to see her dance, or like most wanted to see if she could still dance like she did with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. And she did not disappoint. I thought the choreography and orchestration of this dance was performed to perfection.

But as soon as I found out what song she’d be dancing too, I knew it would be not only emotional for her but for everyone who was watching this show Monday night. It was like Patrick Swayze himself was there almost guiding her every move, and thought the dance was Pure Magic. I never thought a Dance number on this show could ever bring me to tears. LOL

I was wrong, this one did. 

Like Judge Bruno Tonioli said after the dance, ” Baby is back where she belongs”. And I swore Johnny was there with her.

And I think Derek Hough was honored to do this number with her, knowing it was apart of Movie History that could never be matched. And he did it with ultimate Class and Grace. A perfect match for both himself and Jennifer Grey.

When this movie came out I saw it not once but twice. The second time I called my cousin and told him you’ve got to see this movie. A Classic that will never die.

Otis Redding ~ These Arms of Mine ~ Released in 1962

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