Released in 1971

This was my Ultimate Favorite from Pink Floyd from the Meddle Album.

To me Musically the most ingenious song that came out of the very early 70s. With the Songs sound effects and length 23:31, you felt like you entered your own odyssey and realm that no one else was apart of. It let your mind take you in any direction you wanted it to go in. Of course when it came out we had Music Enhancers as well. LOL

So this particular number listened to on the old Stereos of the day head phones set the stage for your own passage into outer space and a meaning of its own.

All four of Pink Floyd’s members contributed to the writing of this song.  Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour.

Syd Barrett an original member of Pink Floyd left in 1968 because of his increasingly bizarre behaviour.

We had a lot of Poets and Composers back in my Generation. King Crimson was another. But as far as Compositions go. You are listening to one of the finest of that day or any day since they don’t create masterpieces like this anymore.

Pink Floyd who formed in 1965 indeed carried the traditional psychedelia sound from the 60s into the 70s with Echoes.

So Enjoy your TRIP.


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