$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, More $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, More $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    

Huron Township…Going to turn Pinnacle into the Sahara Desert. We Want Our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.    

Michigan Horsemen/Women in the middle of the Crossfire………DIG, DIG, DIG until nothing left but lint from bottom of their pockets. One day, don’t give them another Dime. Next day, We want to finish the meet. Arguments here, fighting there.    

Nobody is in sync which is unfortunate. If all of them would stick together as one, something  just might get accomplished. But the Big Bad State and Pinnacle’s Owners have them in fear for their lives. INSANE. Just plain INSANE.    

They know better but refuse to stick together and exhibit it.    

The Baby Races and Stakes are Saturday & Sunday, but is there any Happiness or Joy to report anywhere with-in the 320 acres of Pinnacle.    


Only Confusion….  more  

 Confusion …. & more



As far as I’m concerned I’d like to see them go on a rampage and revolt. Pitch Forks and Lit Torches in hand.    


First go to Lansing after the Governor, then go after the Campbell’s. Poor Huron Township don’t know which way to turn. They feel sorry for the Horses and the Horsemen/Women. But we have them so frustrated they’re starting to ram their heads into concrete. All I can say is Welcome to the Club. The Horsemen/Women have felt and lived with this STRESS for 14 years.    

Legislators Day… there should be an interesting day.    


For the Governor, MGCB and the Campbell’s.    


You see the Horsemen & Women just really don’t know how to get really angry enough. I could teach them. I grew up in a very upsetting household where I lived in a Constant State of Confusion.

I have great Patience, too much damn Patience. Enormous Patience. BUT???? THEN there is a very thin line of having all the Patience in the world then….    


That’s just the way it is. And the Horsemen/Women can’t seem to reach this point. But Maybe if they did?  

Well anyway Pinnacle is running again this Weekend, so come out and enjoy yourselves. But if your a Horsemen/Women. I know what you really feel like.  



Sometimes laughter is the only way you can open your mouth to keep
from screaming. And God knows there’s not much to laugh about these days in this wondrous Industry in Michigan called Horse Racing.

Being held up from every which way but loose.


Our Sentiments to State of Michigan, Governor Granholm, The Michigan Gaming Control Board, Jerry and Lisa Campbell.    


Barret Strong
Money (That’s What I Want)

Released in 1959 on the Tamla Label.

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